Pico Bong Kaya

20 May

pico bong kaya rabbit vibePico Bong is the new mid priced offshoot from the makers of Lelo toys which offers colorful, battery operated alternatives to their pricier, rechargeable line. The Kaya mimics the function and design of the Ina, Lelo’s first, and arguably, most loved dual stimulation vibe. I have been interested in the Ina for a few years now but I have always had bad luck with dual stimulation vibes (too big, too small, don’t like rotation, ears don’t hit the right spot, too loud, etc.) I wasn’t prepared to spend $159 on one! Then along came the Kaya.

I have to say I wasn’t impressed when Pico Bong first launched with a set of mini vibes that could kindly be described as “weak as hell”. Sure, they were cute but they had no power, were hard to clean, they broke at the drop of a hat and they came with these weird dice which had pictures of all of their toys on them. Perhaps it was a vibrator choose your own adventure game, I never really figured it out. But, with the launch of their second line of line of toys, I became intrigued. They did away with the dice (thankfully), upped the power (woohoo!) and followed the shapes of their most iconic toys (Ina, Gigi, Liv). Even though they are battery operated they feel the same, vibration wise, as their rechargable counterparts. I snapped up the Kaya and did a happy dance all the way home.

The first thing I noticed about Kaya was that the silicone was very high quality. I couldn’t feel a difference between this toy and the more expensive Ina. The cap to the battery compartment is large and easy to open and close, making it accessible for folks who may have some manual dexterity issues or visual impairment (though knowing which way the batteries should face may be an issue for the later because the battery direction icons are very tiny and not raised). The Kaya has 3 operation buttons – a plus button to turn the toy on and increase intensity ( a total of 7 levels), a minus to decrease the intensity or turn the toy off and an “M” or “mode” button in the middle to change the vibrations from steady to pulsation (a total of 12 modes … yes, 12). The buttons are easy to identify by touch and easy to press … however, their placement on the toy causes a bit of a problem. With all Lelo toys, the buttons are on the handle. With Pico Bong toys, the buttons are on the shaft of the toy itself. I found that, while using the toy, the buttons were a bit covered over by my body and I had to shift the toy a little to hit the minus button. I didn’t care too much about that but it may be something you want to take into consideration. The thing that struck me the most about Kaya was the fact that it fit my body well. The taper of the toy makes it easy to insert. The curve made it excellent for G-Spot stimulation and, major surprise here, the external arm actually hit where it was supposed to unlike all the other dual stimulation toys I have tried that have either been too long and were vibrating my pelvis or were frustratingly too short. The external arm on the Kaya is flexible enough to be able to move it around but stiff enough to stay put when you have the toy in a position you like. The vibration was rumbly and strong (but incredibly quiet) and the vibration patterns, which I am usually not a fan of, were actually really fun. Plus, there are two modes that allow you to turn the vibration off either internally or externally if you just want one or the other. Add all the above to the fact that you can change the intensities of the pulsation modes (a rarity in battery operated toys) and you have yourself a really solid toy.

All in all, I really liked the Kaya. It’s strong, very quiet, fun to use and easy to clean. It may not be the right fit for everyone because all bodies are different but I think the Kaya has a lot of potential for people who, like me, have had problems with dual stimulation toys in the past.

Toy: Kaya
Manufacturer: Pico Bong (lelo)
Material: Medical grade silicone & ABS plastic
Warranty: 1 Year
Battery or Rechargeable: Battery (2 AAA – not included)
Waterproof?: Yes, submersible to 1 meter
Size: 7 ¾” (5” insertable) x 1 ½” diameter
Strength: 4 out 5 Stars
Noise: 2 out of 5 Stars
Lube Compatibility: Water base only
Cleaning: Mild soap and warm water

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