Looking Back, Looking Forward – The Best of 2013

2 Jan

new year 2014It’s that time again – 2013 is in the history books and we look ahead to a new year of education and great new products. But before we move forward, let’s take a moment to look at some of the most innovative toys we saw in 2013, some of the best sellers and some of the toys that our staff wish had sold better!

New Toys from 2013

2013 hit us with some mind-blowing toys, many of which left us chomping at the bit in anticipation of their release. These bad boys were created, or improved, to help you take matters into your own hands & go from A to Orgasm in exciting, fun ways.

fun factory stronic einsFun Factory Stronic

Toss out the traditional buzzing or pulsing associated with most vibrators as this rechargeable toy features a thrusting motion. With three distinct shapes to choose from (curved, straight and ribbed), there is sure to be something for everyone. I mean, come on! IIt thrusts! Why would you not have this in your collection?

we vibe 4We~Vibe 4

Redesigned for better fit and strength, this toy is able to be worn during intercourse for extra stimulation to her clitoris while penetration helps provide added G-spot pleasure. Couples share the vibe together – I vibe, you vibe, We~Vibe. Great for kegel exercises or solo play (the remote is a nice addition for the tech savvy individuals amongst you.)

minna limonMinna Limon

Quiet, cute, and the best part is that it’s squishy! The harder you squeeze this toy, the stronger the vibrations. With a customizable memory, you can record and replay any pattern. Rechargeable, waterproof and perfect for solo or couple play.  

tantus silicone thwackTantus “Thwack” Silicone Paddle

Want a modern version of the traditional fraternity paddle without the bulk? This is made from flexible silicone which provides a deep sting directly to the recipient. Sensation level achieved: sadistic. This is not for the faint of heart.


2013 Top Sellers

What would the start of any new year be without a top sellers list? Without much preamble, here’s ours! 😉

pico bong moka1. Pico Bong – These toys were insanely popular this year – and for good reason. The Ako (external), Kaya (dual stim), Zizo & Moka (g-spot) are quiet, waterproof and surprisingly powerful. And at a fraction of the price that you would pay for a Lelo (their sister company), folks found that they didn’t have to break the bank to get a good, versatile toy.

spareparts joque harness2. Joque Harness – More folks than ever came in looking for a high quality harness this year and the Joque almost always fit the bill. It’s durable, machine washable, incredibly comfy and fits a very large variety of body shapes and sizes. There isn’t a single bad thing we can say about them! Everyone on staff loves them and recommends that on the regular.

minna ola3. Minna Ola  – We love Minna. They are a lovely small company that only makes two products but both of them are wonderful! The Ola is a sleek G-spot vibe that vibrates based on how hard your squeeze it. Yup, no complicated buttons to find while using it, just a squeeze bulb on the end. Like, vibration patterns? Ola allows you to create your own and it will repeat it back until you decide to change it. Ola is just a well designed, uncomplicated toy that brings a lot of enjoyment.

bondage tape4. Bondage Tape – With the Fifty Shades of Greyphenomenon from 2012 still going strong, bondage items were a big hit. One of the most versatile and easy to use items we sell is Bondage Tape. Because it sticks to itself and not to the skin, this tape can bind up your partner in a variety of ways without doing damage to furniture or delicate skin. If you get creative, you can even create clothing out of it! Versatile indeed!

sliquid oceanics5. Sliquid Oceanics – It comes as no surprise to us (and to many others) that Sliquid is one of our top sellers. They are perennial favorites because they are gentle, come in a variety of viscosities and just look nice on a night stand. Oceanics goes above and beyond that with the addition of carrageenan, nori & wakame seaweeds to help prevent micro-tearing of delicate tissues and help keep vaginal tissues elastic and pliable.

Under – Appreciated Products! 

Now that you have thrusted, vibed, squeezed, and … stronic-ed ©* your way through an innovative 2013, below is our compilation of under appreciated-yet-awesome-products. These are the toys that our staff loves but never seem to sell well. Maybe they are a little funny looking, maybe they are a bit intimidating but we love them … and here is why:

bare leatherworks floggerBare Leatherworks FloggersGwen, Education Coordinator

Customers often come in looking for first time BDSM toys and walk right past these awesome floggers because they seem too intimidating. In actuality, these beautiful toys are some of the safest, easiest to use impact toys we carry. They create anything from a soft caress to a deep muscle impact, all the while causing little to no pain at all. The BARE floggers are probably my favorite product in the entire store.

tenga iroha sakuraIroha Vibes – Gwen, Education Coordinator

How could you not love a vibrator that is created to feel and look like soft Japanese Mochi candy?! These rechargeable vibes don’t get a lot of love because they look different but they are powerful, quiet and sensual to the touch. And, because they are super soft, they are easy to use between two bodies without worrying about hard edges.

kama sutra honeydustKama Sutra Honeysuckle DustSamantha, Manager and Educator

This fine dusting body powder leaves your skin feeling silky-smooth. Flavored with sweet honey and light scent, this product is perfect as edible, sensual wear as well as a daily talc. Whisk away moisture from the skin after a gym session (travel sizes available) or add as a playful addition to romance.

southern butter Southern Butter Backdoor Balm – Samantha, Manager and Educator

Backdoor balm anal after care is amazing. This balm helps heal tears while moisturizing and softening tissues. Also offers hemorrhoid relief and is a natural antiseptic. Gently scented with organic essential oils of lavender and rosemary. The tin is durable and perfect for travel.

bare leatherworks ankle shackleBare Leatherworks Cuffs – Bettie, Educator

Bondage connoisseurs and beginners alike can find quality and durability in these handcrafted latigo leather cuffs. I love options, who doesn’t love options?! Choose wrist or ankle cuffs in 2 different sizes and 5 different colors. These are definitely a go-to when even the most enthusiastic bottom requires restraint. Anonymous resident submissive reports that they “cannot weasel out of them” which gains my stamp of approval!

premium cupping setCupping Set – Bettie, Educator

A vacuum seal is created with the cups on parts of the body to increase blood flow. Increased blood flow increases sensitivity to touch. Win! Also, as a Licensed Massage Therapist, I appreciate that cupping releases muscle toxins, activates the lymph system, and functions as a deep-tissue massage in itself.

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