DVD Review: Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guides

18 Feb

tristan taorminos expert guide to female orgasmSexuality is a complex and multifaceted topic. No matter how much you know (or think you know) there is always something new to learn. So many people want to be able to study new sexual techniques, learn more about their partner’s (or their own) bodies or just get inspiration for the bedroom and sometimes an instructional book just won’t cut it. Many folks are visual or kinesthetic learners and need to see a concept played out in front of them and practice it as opposed to just reading about it. This is why we teach so many workshops at the store – the ability to see a technique demonstrated* and then be able to get instant feedback from an instructor can be invaluable. But what do you do if you can’t come to a workshop or you don’t live in an area that offers them? Well Tristan Taorimino has just the thing for you! The Expert Guide DVDs!

tristan taormino

Photo courtesy of Vivid

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Tristan Taormino, let’s give you a quick crash course. Tristan is an accomplished author, editor, activist, and feminist pornographer. Oh did we mention she is also one of the top sex educators in the country (if not the world)? Tristan has written numerous educational guides which are phenomenal but she is also the director of a line of DVDs for Vivid’s educational division. These Expert Guides run the gamut from Female Orgasm and Oral Sex to Pegging and Advanced Anal Sex. Each DVD is set up like a workshop. Tristan introduces the topic, gives an outline of what will be covered, talks about anatomy and safety concerns and introduces numerous toys that will be demonstrated. Then the real fun begins. Tristan is often joined by well known porn performers who demonstrate the techniques as she talks about them so that the viewer can see the technique(s) in action. She also interviews her performers so that the viewer can hear first hand what they think about the particular topic, how they approach it and what they get out of it. After the “workshop” portion of the DVD is over, short scenes with the performers are shown so that the viewer can see the techniques done in a more intimate, less clinical setting. There are also fun little bubble pop ups that come up as the scene progresses, pointing out techniques that were talked about and reminding the viewer what they are used for (kind of like pornographic “Pop Up Video”)!

We absolutely love these DVDs and recommend them to any customer who comes into the shop wanting to learn new techniques. They are beautifully shot, thoughtfully put together, fun, entertaining and the information in them is indispensable. Plus, let’s be honest, the porn is really hot! If you want to have great sex workshops always at your disposal, we recommend you pick up these guides. We don’t think you will be disappointed.

Product: Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide DVDs
Manufacturer: Vivid Ed
Titles: Fellatio, Advanced Fellatio, Cunnilingus, Anal Sex, Advanced Anal Sex, Hand Jobs, Positions, G-Spot, Anal Pleasure for Men, Threesomes, Rough Sex, Sensual Bondage, Female Orgasms, Pegging, Female Ejaculation
Link: Expert Guides

* Our in store workshops demonstrate techniques on representational object, not live demo models. For more information on our workshops, please click here

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