Sea Grape Massage Oil

20 Mar

sea grape dark and sexy massage oil

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, it is true, I provide a lot of therapeutic massage to address any number of health concerns including hypertension, poor circulation, allergies/headache, and muscle fatigue.

What the heck does that have to do with massage oil that is sold in an adult boutique?

The secret is the physical massage + the additional healing properties that essential oils provide. If you are often the victim of a headache or do not feel like sex, these oils may help alleviate some of the issues affecting your life.

Certain oils are blended with specific results in mind. Aside from smelling delightful, they physically interact with your body chemistry to prepare your body/mind for sexy time. Ta da!

Essential oils can also provide a sensual aspect through sight and smell that touch alone may not provide. The moment you are introduced to an aroma it begins to work chemical magic in your brain, which we know can release endorphins, the “feel good” hormone.

SeaGrape Oils do a phenomenal job of infusing ingredients in each bottle. The ingredients float and dance throughout the oil, a kaleidoscope of color and scent, ensuring that each drop is full of healing properties and love.

sea grape exotic fields massage oil

One of my favorite oils by this company is “Exotic Fields”. Why is that, you ask? I am glad you asked! The ingredients in this refreshing oil (peppermint, clove, lemon, & rosemary) will provide a warm-to-cool sensation, possible mild tingling, and increased circulation. Your body will warm up, increase blood flow to important areas, and then relax into a blissful state which is provided by the clove. Rosemary has antiseptic properties, but it is also a natural aphrodisiac. Thus, your headache will be gone, your body will be relaxed, soft, and ready. What are you waiting for?

This, my friends, is exactly what being a therapist has to do with oil that is found in an adult boutique. Personally and professionally this oil stands as a quality product – why aren’t you here buying some for yourself?!

Product Name: Exotic Fields Massage Oil
Brand/Manufacturer: SeaGrape Bath & Body 
5 Star Rating Scale: 5 /5 Cannot get any better, awesome product!
Intended Use: Sensual massage or body oil
Main Ingredients: Grape seed, sweet almond, jojoba, apricot kernel, avocado, coconut, soybean, and olive oil, with vitamin E, herbs, and essential oils of peppermint, rosemary, lemon, and clove.
Flavor/Taste: While it is not recommended, these oils are edible in the sense that they are derived from natural products and will cause you no harm (considering you are not allergic to any of the ingredients). They are not marketed as edible.
Odor/Odorless: Peppermint, rosemary, lemon and clove
Pros/Cons: Peppermint is relieving for sinus pain and allergy relief. However, peppermint essential oil is very strong and can dry the skin if applied liberally. This oil has a nice balance, but if your skin is sensitive to dryness, I would recommend applying lotion afterward.

Additional Comment(s):
If you are looking for an edible or warm massage experience, here are other SeaGrape products that we love:

Deep Light Massage Oil – A gentle scent of aromatic lavender and citrus. Lavender is formulated to relax you physically and decrease stress while citrus keeps you mentally alert. Circulation will increase, delivering blood to needed areas but your muscles will relax and prepare for sensual activity.
sea grape deep light massage oil

Vanilla Bean/Raspberry/Chocolate Edible Massage Candles – These low-temperature, body-safe, soy candles address 4 of the 5 senses! No joke! Light the candle to set the mood. Burn it for about 20 minutes to ensure that you have enough wax to work with. The scent will waft through the room just as you slowly pour the wax on to your partner. The warm oil is soothing and sensual which also brings blood to the surface of the skin to increase sensitivity to touch. After you massage the oil into the skin you can add further sensation by running your tongue over your partners body to enjoy the natural, delightful flavors infused in the wax. Any auditory feedback occurring may be coming from your partner, provided that they are enjoying their experience, of course.
sea grape edible vanilla massage candle

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