Aneros Evi

2 May

Aneros Evi boxThe moment the Evi hit the shelves at Secret Pleasures, I was intrigued. A toy that claims that it will not only strengthen my kegels but also give me G-Spot and clitoral pleasure at the same time? Yes please! Sadly, Evi didn’t live up to the hopes I had for it.

Aneros is fabulous company that has been making some of the best prostate toys on the market since 1996. When Evi was launched, I was thrilled that they were finally making a toy specifically for vaginal use. I had been secretly coveting the Aneros prostate massagers for years and while they can certainly be used vaginally, I felt like I would be missing out on an intrinsic part of the experience since I am not the proud owner of a prostate.

Aneros Evi size

Smaller than a bread box … bigger than a quarter

When the Evi arrived, I was actually surprised at it’s size. I was expecting it to be a bit smaller. It’s not massive but girthier and longer than I had anticipated. Evi measures 5.7″ long, about 3.5″ of which is insertable and it is a little under 1.5″ in diameter at it’s largest point (middle of the insertable bulb). The Evi is made of a very nice, velvety silicone that feels wonderful to the touch. The stem is very flexible which allows for easy insertion and use.

So, how does it work? Below is the description from Aneros:

 The anatomically designed Evi by Aneros for women requires no vibration and offers users a sensual, hands-free experience like no other. Evi also offers the ability to strengthen pelvic floor muscles which help a woman perform a strong vise-like grip during intercourse; enhance arousal through increased blood flow; have multiple, more intense orgasms, more often; enhance bladder control; and facilitate healthy pregnancy, leading to easier delivery and post-partum recovery.

Upon insertion, the Evi is gripped by the user’s pelvic floor muscles, helping the user discover and exercise the muscles essential to sexual pleasure and also bladder control. The curved front of the bulb stimulates the user’s G-spot, and the handle is designed to stimulate the clitoris, adding a pleasurable aspect to using the Evi, which led to the slogan “Kegel fitness with orgasmic incentives”.

When using the Evi myself, I did find it to be a great  kegel exerciser – lying down (more on that in a second). The toy moves when you squeeze your pelvic floor muscles so you know you are doing it correctly (yay, instant feedback)! The girth of the insertable bulb fit snugly so I never felt as if I was in danger of the Evi falling out. The external stem of the toy was small and flexible enough to not feel uncomfortable or obtrusive during use – but it was not comfortable at all when trying to use Evi standing up or sitting down. However, clitoral stimulation or orgasm? Nope – at least not for me. The external arm of the Evi is fairly lengthy which is wonderful because it takes into account that clitoral placement is different on everybody. But even with the length of the arm hitting against my clitoris, I didn’t find that it brought any kind of sensation what so ever. I could feel that it was there but the arm sliding against my clitoris wasn’t strong enough or consistent enough to bring me anywhere near an orgasm. I tried … believe me I tried but my kegels gave up on me long before any sort of pleasure happened. I didn’t feel much G-Spot stimulation during use either. I finally just resorted to holding a bullet vibe against Evi during use … that worked just fine! 😉 

Like I said above, I had high hopes for the Evi and it just didn’t fulfill them. It’s a great kegel exerciser and if that is all you are looking for, I would definitely recommend it. But, for me at least, the advertised G-Spot and clitoral stimulation just wasn’t there. I’m sure there is someone out there that it will work for but, in the mean time, my search continues.

Toy: Evi
Manufacturer: Aneros
Material: Silicone
Warranty: 90 Days
Battery or Rechargeable: N/A
Waterproof?: Yes
Size: 5.7″ long (3.5″ insertable) x 1.5″ wide
Lube Compatibility: Water base
Cleaning: Mild soap and warm water

*The Evi was provided to us by Aneros, free of charge, in exchange for an unbiased review.*

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