Guest Review: Ceramix No. 3 Plug

6 May

It’s time again for another guest post from a good friend of the store. D has returned to give us this review of the Ceramix No. 3 plug!

Pipedreams ceramix no.3 plugI opened the box and my jaw dropped at the beauty and elegance of what lay before my eyes…an exceptional piece of artwork. I use the word “artwork” to describe it because that is exactly what it is: art – an expression of beauty of above ordinary significance. The Ceramix No.3 Ceramic Wand is more than just an eye pleaser; it also highly excels as a pleasure pleaser as well.

At first look the length of the toy seemed to be too long for what I thought I would enjoy, but I was completely wrong! This beauty ended up being the perfect length! The wonders of sexual science now have my full attention and respect.

pipedreams ceramix no.3 plugThis toy has a double bulb design which I love. It gives the user two levels of insertable length. The bulb of the Ceramix No. 3 rests just nicely right against the prostate. Every single move, every single twitch creates just a little bit of “foreplay” pressure on the prostate and it did not take much pressure to create the stimulating prostate massage that I was looking for.

This is a fantastic toy in and of itself but there is one feature that sets this apart frompipedreams ceramix no.3 plug with water all other ceramic anal toys. The Ceramix No.3 Ceramic Wand is hollow with a silicone plug. I spent an entire day playing around with different temperatures of water; hot, room temperature and cold. Each change in temperature gave me a whole new experience and my body reacted differently with each one. In addition to the temperature change the waters added weight helps give you an unbelievably full feeling considering the toy itself is fairly lightweight.

pipedreams ceramix no.3 plug capI do have a few bones to pick with the toy as well, but no deal breakers. First, the silicone plug is perfect for keeping water in the bottom, but sometimes I feel like I need superpowers just to get the cap off. Now the second problem is more of an improvement than anything, but the addition of a vibration feature would be great! I put one of my bullets up against it made a world of difference, intensifying my eventual orgasm. A development of this kind could take this ceramic plug even further!

In my final words I will say that the Cermaix No. 3 Cermaic Wand is an exceptional prostate massager, one that I will not soon forget and has now become my go to toy for prostate massage.

– Reviewed by D (friend of the store)

Toy: Ceramix No. 3 Plug
Manufacturer: Pipedreams
Material: Ceramic (silicone cap)
Warranty: None
Battery or Rechargeable: N/A
Waterproof?: Yes
Size: 5″ l x 1.5″ w
Strength: N/A
Noise: N/A
Lube Compatibility: Water base, silicone & oil base
Cleaning: Mild soap and warm water 

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