Tantus Slow Drive

12 May

Tantus I’ve been in love with Tantus for years. Their toys are so well made and come in great shapes, sizes and textures. The Tantus Echo* has been the crown jewel of my dildo collection for years and I honestly didn’t think another dildo could top it. Boy was I wrong!!!

For several days, my co-workers and I had been bemoaning the fact that so few toy manufacturers make toys in any colors other pink and purple. With that fresh in my mind, imagine my delight when I strolled into the vendor’s hall at Catalyst Con and laid eyes on Tantus’  new line of non-representational dildos. What to my wondering eyes should appear but an array of toys in lime green, teal, and silver! They sat there all cheery and I gleefully snapped up the teal Slow Drive and brought it home.

Tantus slow drive dildoThe Slow Drive, as Tantus Education Coordinator Ducky DooLittle informed me, is a remake of an old Tantus toy called the Fairy. It was a customer favorite – loved for both G-Spot and prostate play. They discontinued it a while back and have just now begun producing it again under a new name. It’s a smaller toy, coming in at 5″ in length and 1.25″ in diameter and has a beautifully pronounced curve at the top. The silicone has enough rigidity and firmness to it to make it incredibly effective for G-Spot stimulation. It doesn’t bend and flop around like so many other curved “G-Spot” dildos that I have had, but it isn’t so rigid that you feel like you are being poked with a stick either! The Slow Drive also has a fantastic tear drop shaped base which makes it easy to harness and very comfortable for hand held use. Folks with decreased hand mobility or arthritis should find this toy easy to grip without being overly fatiguing. 

I am absolutely in love with this toy and can see why it was a customer favorite so many years ago. It would be perfect for people trying prostate play or pegging for the first time and would be a wonderful addition to anyone’s G-Spot collection. Personally, I can’t find a single flaw with this toy (and that’s huge!) The color is beautiful, the shape is perfect, the size and weight are great. It’s just a phenomenal toy and one that I hope Tantus continues to make for many years to come.

Toy: Slow Drive
Manufacturer: Tantus
Material: Silicone
Warranty: 30 Days
Battery or Rechargeable: N/A
Waterproof?: Yes
Size: 5″ l x 1.25″ w
Strength: N/A
Noise: N/A
Lube Compatibility: Water base only
Cleaning: Mild soap and warm water (may be boiled for 3 to 5 minutes to disinfect)

As much as I love my Echo, I have desperately wanted it in the copper color that Tantus used to make. If ANYONE knows where I can find a copper colored one (not used, obviously), I would be eternally grateful! I mean, purple is fine but copper … ZOMGWTFBBQ!&@(&!

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