Fifty Shades of Fantasy

14 Jan

Fifty Shades of Fantasy

While we have serious misgivings about the book series, we recognize that people want to explore and try new things. With that in mind, are you feeling inspired? Curious? Whether  you’ve read the book or are just vaguely familiar with the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy by E.L. James, you may be wondering about all of the toys and gadgets featured throughout. Well you don’t have to wait for the movie release to see what tricks Christian Grey has up his sleeve – we aim to please and have done the legwork for you in order to create your own Fifty Shades of Fantasy!

luna beadsLuna Beads are a versatile addition to any toy chest. They can be utilized not only for pleasure but also to achieve longer, stronger orgasms. With enough practice, your inner goddess will be doing the dance of the seven veils.

riding cropWhile simple to use and fun to trail over the body, riding crops or “crops” can also deliver swift sensations ranging from gentle to intense. If you’re feeling extra frisky, a spreader bar and blindfold will heat things up in the wild department. In the trusted hands of your partner, they may even have you saying “Please, Sir”.

pure plugWorldly pleasures come alive with the use of an anal plug. “…the tantalizing feeling that I am doing something forbidden…Forbidden fruit always tastes the best. Adorn your bottom with a plug while giving or receiving oral sex, while receiving a spanking, or during intercourse for added stimulation.

flogerellaDreaming of that freshly-spanked, pink derrière? No need to stow your twitchy palm, Christian. Leather Floggerella from Leatherbeaten is a feather-light weight flogger that is excellent for warming up the skin or for use in intimate play against breasts, thighs, and genitals.

black hand cuffsbeaded nipple clampsJeweled nipple clamps are elegantly designed to fit directly on the nipple and are called “sensation play” toys, as their main effect is to heighten sensation. Adjustable clamps allow mild to intense sensation to occur, depending upon the users pain/pleasure preferences. A vulnerable, visually appealing offering can be created with your wrists bound behind your back. Movement is limited and the breasts are pushed out further. Très chic!

we-vibe touchYou’ve been cuffed, blindfolded, and your nipples are securely clamped. Put the cherry on the cake with explosions of ecstasy everywhere. This rechargeable toy will last beyond your fantasy as you enjoy your happily ever after.

We hope that you are now equipped with some fun new toys and your imagination is running wild with possibilities.  Play, have (consensual!!!) fun, and discover new things this Valentine’s Day. Happy exploring!

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