Achievement Unlocked: We-Vibe Touch

16 Mar

wevibetouch1111In case you missed some of the noteworthy products that We-Vibe has released, they are responsible for the We-Vibe 4 and 4 Plus couples toy, as well as the Tango. Things were fine and could not get better after the We-Vibe 4 was released. In my mind, all was right with the world.  However, after using the We-Vibe Touch, the experience is comparable to an upgrade from Economy to First Class – champagne dreams and caviar wishes. As far as external vibrators are concerned, this toy has ruined me.

“It’s ruined you? How is that even possible?” Living in a world where tech rules all, our phones are some of the first things that we ensure are charged. Correct? Right next to the phone is the Touch charger. I make sure it is always charged and ready to go. In case of emergency, grab Touch. At this point, the toy hears all of my phone conversations (and I am glad that it is not voice reactive.)

Priority stamp

The curved base of the toy (also the location of the charging port) fits comfortably in the hand. The Touch is contoured so that you can wrap your hand around or hold it with fingertips and not lose your grasp during use. Admittedly, nothing is worse than when your toy slips and rolls into the bed/sofa/universe and your search ends with your arm elbow deep in cushions or pillows. If this has not happened to you before, great! Hopefully you will continue your upward trend of no-toys-lost during sexy time. Keeping that in mind, it works well if you use the back side of the toy (with water-based lubricant) and mimic a licking motion. If you’re seeking a more pin-pointed vibration, simply flip the toy to the front side and utilize the tip. A depression right below the aforementioned tip of the Touch will envelop the clitoris and send vibration around the area instead of directly to it. Ooh la la!


The less obvious option to cup and press the depression of the toy against the vaginal opening for G-spot focus is enjoyable. Note: this works well if your G-spot is proximal to the vaginal entrance. With no buttons or seams to worry about, you can grind on it or press it against the outer labia and enjoy the entire surface area of the toy. After all, it is waterproof and the likelihood of your finger slipping and turning it off is incredibly low. Don’t feel bad or greedy, use the entirety of the toy for your pleasure.


Furthermore, this toy can be easily shared for external use. Make sure you clean the toy with soap and water before and after. Safety first, kids. That said, a certain someone in my life enjoys external anal stimulation.  Because I am a kind, thoughtful individual, the quest to also ruin them with a toy has been long-standing… until now. I’m no longer alone in ruin! The deep, thuddy vibrations around the anus helped bring this individual or orgasm much faster than with other forms of vibration used in the past. They commented that the strength mixed with the shape and feel of the toy tip pressing against the anus delivered consistent pleasure which was unlike any other vibration that they have felt before.


For science, this review was conducted by an older version of the Touch which has a somewhat tacky, original silicone coating which is quite shiny. The only thing that could be better (or completely destroy me in all of the good ways) is to own this bad boy in the improved silicone that is velvety-soft to the…touch. You can find a review of that here.

This is the one toy to rule [ruin] them all. Upgrade your old Touch to the new silicone coating, ensure it is always charged, share if you care, and most important – ENJOY!

Toy: We-Vibe Touch
Manufacturer: We-Vibe
Material: Medical Grade Original Silicone
Warranty: 1 Year
Battery or Rechargeable: Rechargeable
Waterproof?: Yes
Size: 3.9″ long x 1.8″ wide x 1.3″ deep
Strength: 4 out 5 Stars
Noise: 1 out of 5 Stars
Lube Compatibility: Water-base only
Cleaning: Mild soap and warm water

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