Fun Factory Stronic Eins

23 Mar

Fun Factory Stronic Eins When Fun Factory said they were releasing a “new kind of sex toy” almost 2 years ago, most of us greeted the announcement with a mixture of excitement and skepticism. Their ads were vague and all we knew was it would “pulsate”. Once we got the toy in the store, however, everyone on staff became enthralled with it! The Stronic Eins wasn’t a vibrator. It wasn’t really a dildo either. What it was was a sleek toy that indeed pulsated back and forth, mimicking the motion of penetration. Fun Factory was right! The Stronic was completely new, incredibly fascinating … and very expensive! Despite how cool we thought the toy was though, we all had one question – did it feel good? So we decided to find out.

Stronic Eins and chargerFirst of all, the Stronic Eins (pronounced EIN, like the beginning Einstein, with an S at the end – it’s German for “1”) is a beautiful toy to look at. It is made from a matte, slightly textured silicone with a smooth matte plastic handle. The buttons on the handle are very pronounced and have clearly printed “+” “-” and “fun” symbols on them – though those symbols are not raised so unless you memorize which button is which, you won’t know what you are pressing just by touch. This toy is heavy, coming in at almost 1 lb and is almost 10″ long by 1.4″ in diameter. The Stronic has a curved tip for G-Spot stimulation and a raised nub towards the handle that is supposed to be for clitoral stimulation but due to the length of the toy, that may not work for many people.

How does it work? It is important to note that this toy does not vibrate … at all. It isn’t supposed to vibrate but I note that because some folks still think it vibrates and I don’t want anyone to be disappointed. This toy thrusts in a way that mimics the motions of penetrative sex. The thrusting is created by magnets on the inside of the toy that slide a weight up and down a metal shaft. Because it operates via magnets, this toy should not be used by folks who have pace makers

Ok, ok, so with the technical stuff out of the way, how does it feel? This toy is unlike anything I have ever tried before and I really loved it. The pulsations and the weight of the toy combine to mimic the feeling of penetration pretty well – assuming your partner can keep up rhythms like these endlessly without tiring! Each of the modes is inexplicably named after a dance move which I don’t really get but the patterns are really unique and create intense stimulation. I found that this toy stimulated my G-Spot incredibly well but the clitoral nub never even came close to my clitoris. Seriously, if we know that the G-Spot is around 1.5″ to 3″ inside the vaginal canal, why would Fun Factory decide to make the clitoral nub at the end of a 9.4″ toy. There is no way it will stimulate both areas in that scenario. That being said, if you tend to enjoy cervix stimulation or your G-Spot is situated much further back, you may receive clitoral stimulation since the toy would be inserted further. If you do want to add clitoral stimulation to this toy (which I heartily suggest because it was awesome in my experience), you can combine it’s use with a small external vibe such as the We-Vibe Tango. The handle is slim enough that a small external vibe likely won’t get in the way.

Fun Factory says that this is a hands free toy which I entirely disagree with. When I tried to use it hands free, it ended up pulsating it’s way right out of me. The Stronic works best if you place a light hand on it or rest it on the thighs or a pillow during use. A firm grip will dampen the feeling of the pulsation and essentially take away the entire reason for the toy. Resting a hand on it to make sure it stays in place or letting it rest on the thighs or a pillow allows it to move freely without having it shoot across the room! 

I really loved the Stronic Eins. I think the G-Spot stimulation is fantastic due to the constant motion and the weight of the toy. The girth and length were just right for me. The Stronic is incredibly quiet which I really appreciate. The silicone, however, has a bit of drag to it due to the texture so you should pair this toy with a good amount of water based lube.

So is this the toy for you? If you really enjoy G-Spot or cervix stimulation, are experienced with sex toys, love the feeling of penetration, enjoy a weightier toy, and have $200 to spend then the Stronic Eins might be perfect for you! If you are newer to toys, want internal vibration, or are just starting to explore your G-Spot then you may be better off with one of the numerous other wonderful toys that we sell. Regardless, the Stronic Eins (and it’s cousins the Zwei & Drei) are unique, lovely, well made toys that are currently unrivaled in function. I look forward to see what else Fun Factory chooses to do with this technology!

Toy: Stronic Eins
Manufacturer: Fun Factory
Material: Silicone
Warranty: 2 Years
Battery or Rechargeable: Rechargeable
Waterproof?: Yes
Size: 1.4″ w x 9.4″ l
Strength: N/A
Noise: 1 out of 5 stars
Lube Compatibility: Water base only
Cleaning: Mild soap and warm water

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