Shape Up Your Bits

20 Aug


Bravo to those of you who have made kegel exercises part of your health routine. To those who have not, it’s never too late and we are here to tell you why it is worth the [minimal] effort.

First, some background and information:
Much like the G-Spot named after German Gynecologist Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg, kegel exercises are named after Dr. Arnold Henry Kegel in the mid-1900’s. They were developed to assist women experiencing incontinence. During follow up appointments, women reported an increase in sensitivity in their vaginas during intercourse. Intrigued, Dr. Kegel found that exercises focused on the PC muscles, which contract during orgasm.

Pubococcygeal (PC) muscles are found in both men and women. They are comprised of 8 individual muscles that form an 8 shape at the base of our pelvis (the pelvic platform, also known as orgasmic platform). They play a primary role in the flow of urine, prevention of premature ejaculation in men, and aid in childbirth. PC muscles also have an amazing sexual benefit – longer, stronger orgasms!


On to the questions!

Why Kegel Exercise?

That is a great question. Every muscle in the body requires exercise of some type. Without it, muscles grow weak and eventually atrophy. Your PC muscles are no different, and may naturally be weaker than someone else’s. That is ok because you are an individual! Other factors, such as hormones, age, hysterectomy, and childbirth can impact our bodies, more so our PC muscles, in negative ways. It is important for both men and women to keep these muscles trained and strong.

Plus, exercise is backed by science – and science supports measurable, observable results.
The kGoal by Minna Life has the ability to provide real time feedback via touch and sight can help you make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly. You can also track performance. kGoal can measure and keep track of things such as muscle strength, endurance, and which exercises you did and when you did them.

Why Kegel Balls?

A better question might be “why not?” Sure, you can sit in your car, on the subway, on your sofa, etc. and contract your PC muscles to provide them with the exercise they require to become or stay strong. But, are you contracting the correct muscles? Also consider that at some point you are going to hit a plateau in strength, much like you would during regular weight training sessions at the gym. That 20 pounds is going to become easier to lift over time until you need more weight and another challenge; the same holds true for your PC muscles, which is exactly why Kegel Exercisers are a great option. The PC muscle will naturally try to hold the ball after detection so there is nothing to think about – it works by itself.


How should they be inserted?
If you have not experienced surgery or trauma recently, introducing a Kegel ball is similar to introducing a tampon – you have to use your fingers to push it into your vagina. Lubricant certainly helps the transition into/out of the body. You will feel resistance when it reaches your cervix, which means that it is completely inserted into the correct position. Whether it be a single or double ball, it must be higher than your pubic bone so that a third of the cord will remain out.

How long should they remain inserted? How often should I use them?
Much like other forms of exercise, it depends on your level of expertise. Beginner use is recommended to use ½ hour, 3 times per week on average. You can certainly increase the repetition or time depending upon your comfort level. It is safe to use them for a longer period of time.

“Beginner Kegel Exercise”– Begin with 30 to 40 repetitions, 3 times a day squeezing and releasing your PC muscles while the balls or ball is inside of you. Once you are able to complete this with ease work your way up to 100 to 150 repetitions, 3 times a day. This may appear to be a lot but with practice you will soon be able to work your way up to higher repetitions. When your muscles become more toned, the exercise itself can give you more sexual pleasure.


Penis Use
Penis owners are also slowly catching on to the kegel exercise movement. A stronger PC muscle leads to improved bladder control in both men and women. Kegel balls with a cord can be hung off the tip of an erect penis to add resistance while attempting to raise/lower the ball in an effort to strengthen the PC muscles.


Pregnancy & Menopause

If you practice Kegel exercises pre-pregnancy, your pelvic floor can be kept sturdy and prepare your muscles for delivery. After birth, Kegel exercises can decrease recovery time and restore tightness of the muscles.

During the time leading up to menopause (often referred to as perimenopause) you may begin to notice changes in your body, such as menstrual irregularity, mood swings, and trouble sleeping for example. In addition to these symptoms, you may notice changes in your intimate health due to diminishing estrogen levels. This can cause vaginal tissues to lose elasticity and lubrication. Performing regular kegel exercises can reduce or prevent urinary incontinence as well as pelvic organ prolapse, the feeling of heaviness or dragging in your vagina caused by your pelvic organs slipping out of place.


We hope that you have found this information informative, intriguing, and empowering! Happy Kegeling!

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