Mona Wave

3 Sep

Mona Wave The Mona and Mona 2 by Lelo have long been favourites of sex toy reviewers with g spots, do to the moderately girthy, strongly curved insertable shape that somehow manages to be intense enough to thrill without having an uncomfortable hooked shape. The Mona Wave adds a new element; it doesn’t just vibrate, it also makes a wave-like or “come hither” motion that can be turned on alone or in combination with vibrations. There are a total of 8 settings on this toy, and be sure to glance at the directions so you feel competent at how to cycle through vibrations vs. waves vs. combinations of both. The controls are conveniently located on the easy to grip, smooth, hard plastic handle, and the recharging port is on the end of the handle (removable cord is included). It is fully waterproof, making it easy to take into the bath if you like, and very simple to wash with soap and water. The insertable body of the toy is firm with a silicone coat that gives it a little texture, so use water-based lubes with this one. The vibrations seem to be located in the insertable part of the toy, so it won’t rattle your hand too much.

The shape of the Lelo Mona line has been well discussed and explored by bloggers, so I won’t go into it too much here. With the wider end and the narrower neck before the handle, combined with the steep (but not hooked) curve, it’s a favourite for intense g-spot stimulation and help with exploring squirting orgasms. It has some width to squeeze around, as well as a strong curve. Some prefer to use it with shallow thrusts, others like to crank it to angle it up against the g-spot, and yet others prefer to work their own muscles around the toy by squeezing against it.  

Wave motion The wave motion of this toy echoes the hallowed “come hither” motion of 2 or 3 fingers quite well. I was especially impressed that this toy was able to continue and maintain the pace of the motion even when I squeezed my vaginal muscles around it, as I’ve never had a rabbit toy that I didn’t promptly break with that little move. It doesn’t curl super fast, but it has a nice, steady, moderate pace. Unfortunately, the vibrations on the Wave seem to be less intense than those on the Mona 2. I do hope that later versions will amp the vibrations back up again for those of us who like our toys to range from light to very intense.

One of the often discussed things about the Mona Wave is that if the wave motion is turned on while the toy is inserted the handle will waggle instead of the inserted part. This makes sense. If you hold one end steady, whether in your hand or in your vagina, the end that isn’t being held still be the end that moves. I knew about this issue so it came as no surprise. However, it didn’t cause a problem for me. I don’t like to grip my toys in my hand so much, which would be one way to control the handle such that the motion happens internally. Instead, I found that pressing my fingertips firmly against the top of the handle gave plenty of counter pressure and allowed the toy to do it’s thing as designed. I’m confident that with some experimentation, or help from a partner, most users will find a way to make the wave motion happen inside just fine.

If you’re a fan of intense g-spot pressure then the Mona line could be for you! If your favourite thing about the Mona and Mona 2 is the strength of vibrations, you might not want to get the Wave. However, if somewhat softer vibrations and a strong, steady come-hither motion sound like something that make your toes curl this could be the perfect toy for you.

Toy: Mona Wave
Manufacturer: Lelo
Material: Silicone
Warranty: 1 year
Battery or Rechargeable: Rechargeable
Waterproof?: Yes
Size: 7.75″ l (4.50″ insertable) x 1.5″ w
Strength: 3 out of 5 stars
Noise: 4 out of 5 stars
Lube Compatibility: Water base only
Cleaning: Mild soap and warm water

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