Sliquid Sea

10 Sep

Sliquid Sea Sliquid is already one of my favourite brands of lube, so I was thrilled to purchase their Sea lubricant and give it a try. Sliquid, if you’re not familiar, is a high quality manufacturer of a few lovely lines of lube, including Naturals, Organics, and BodyWorx. I strive to use products that are vegan, water-based and free of things like glycerine, parabens, propylene glycol and perfumes. That means that a lot of mainstream lubes are off my list.

Sliquid Lubes Lubes are a really personal and evolving taste, like picking out a scent to wear, so I’d like to give you a little context about my preferences to contextualize my review. While I’m not sensitive to all of the ingredients I try to avoid, for me this is part of being a responsible non-monogamous partner. I want to be as sure that the products in my date kit will be enjoyable to as wide a range of partners as possible. Personally, I also prefer lubes that spread well but also offer a bit thickness and gel-like quality. I often say that I like lube that feels like it has a bit of ‘cushion’ to it. For example, while silicone based lubes are nice and slick with great staying power, I find them a bit too thin and light for my preferences (no ‘cushion’).

Sea is a mid-level thickness. Their Sassy gel lube is much thicker, and I frequently recommend it for anal play or anyone who likes a gel lube. H20 is not as thin as Astroglyde but is on the lighter side. For me, Sea hit that perfect middle ground with great spread and slickness, reliable staying power for a water-based product, and a feeling of cushion without being as thick as a gel. Reapplication did not make it gummy feeling as it does with some lubes, and it didn’t absorb overly quickly. Keep in mind that this changes with body chemistry, so your results may vary. I liked it enough to get a large bottle of Sea and a dedicated pump bottle to use for dispensing it. I can see why this is a staff favourite, and I’m proud to co-sign that opinion!

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