Toy Review Remix – We-Vibe Tango

9 Oct

claritystamp It’s delightful when people enter the shop and ask for a “strong bullet” or “something strong”. If it is external pleasure they desire, two things usually happen: either they do not know that the Tango by We~Vibe exists, or they have not yet had a chance to interact with it. The overall reaction from people when it is turned on and placed in their eager hands is usually “wow” or “oh, that’s the speed!” when they find the vibration option that speaks directly to their sexual soul.

This toy was a hit last year with our educators, and we loved it so much that we decided to review it again! Why? Well, sometimes a different perspective is helpful, and reading about how other people interact with toys may inspire you to do the same. After all, no toy is perfect for every person and every person has a different preference regarding their toys.  


That said, this toy is still vibrating its way to the top for many

  1. It outperforms other vibes in power, such as Lelo GiGi 2 and Lelo Mia – the power is reinforced by pinpoint stimulation and depth of vibration.  
  2. Cordless. For people who adore the Magic Wand but do not want to be tethered to a wall to play every single time.
  3. Some want to be able to use the toy in the shower/tub, and the downside to electric toys is that they do not mix with water. Good news! The Tango is waterproof.
  4. Tired of having to keep batteries on hand? No worries, a USB rechargeable cord clips right to the bottom for ease of use.  
  5. Want big excitement in a small package? No larger than a tube of lipstick – inconspicuous for travel!

“Tell us more!”

Bob Barker

Without sounding like a television game show personality, it is also insertable into other toys, such as prostate vibrators or certain Tantus Vibes. Need a pick-me-up? Slide it into your favorite double-ended dildo. It literally takes 2 to Tango, or 2 Tangos. I don’t really know where this was going – just know that it is awesome!

Anal use

Externally, this toy provides deeper, thuddy vibrations around the anal sphincter which help relax muscles and prepare the user for potential later insertion of an anal-safe toy. Listen to your [favorite] Sex Educators and don’t be that person in the hospital that slipped something into their bum and could not retrieve it! The Tango doesn’t have a flared base and, therefore, isn’t anal safe! But, we just told you that this toy is insertable into other things, do yourself a favor and pick up the We~Vibe Dusk Anal Plug in the Pleasure Mate collection. Insert Tango into the end and the rest is history, without all of the E.R. bills or embarrassment, of course.


Is this the right external toy for YOU? That depends. With all of the bullet points, bells and whistles listed, the only downside we can see is that it may be too strong for some individuals, as there is no low setting. It just might be the next best thing to add to your collection.

Toy: We~Vibe Tango

Manufacturer: We~Vibe

Material: Hard Plastic

Warranty: 1 year

Battery or Rechargeable: Rechargeable

Waterproof?: Yes

Size: 3.5″ l x 0.7″ w

Strength: 4 out of 5 stars

Noise: 2 out of 5 stars

Lube Compatibility: Water base, silicone, & oil base

Cleaning: Mild soap and warm water

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