Flurry O2

30 Oct


I have been a patient person and waited over a year and a half to take the Flurry O2 on a test journey. Finally, the day came that I could get my grubby little hands on it. (Imagine Gollum from Lord of the Rings – my precioussssss) Was it worth a trip to Mordor? Let’s find out!


The journey begins with considerations, as many journeys should. Consider that more often than not, product reviews focus on the physical sensation and other sensations are overlooked or forgotten (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch). Individuals may find a lot of pleasure in the look or sound of a toy, for example. One goal for this review is to highlight various ways to incorporate the senses into play, as as this toy does a great job of catering to many senses at the same time.


First, what does O2 in the name “Flurry O2” mean?

The Flurry O2 is made from a blend of dual-density silicone. This means that there is a firmer silicone core on the inside of the toy that is coated in a softer, smoother silicone with a cushy head. This reduces some of the drag of the toy and offers a bit more of a realistic feel. Toucha-Toucha-Touch it!


That said, combine taste with touch! Sliquid Swirl, a flavored, water-based lubricant can be used for oral sex or penetration. If you have not had a chance, the flared, non-slip base is great to harness for penetration as well as for oral sex. Due to the texture and flexibility of the toy, it can glide along the tongue or lips much better. Silicone carries vibration or pressure very well, thus translates into a lot of feedback for anyone involved.


Let’s talk about sight. Is it love? Aesthetically the Flurry O2 is quite pleasing if you seek a non-realistic presenting dildo yet has a dual head (coronal ridges) to assist in repeated texture during penetration. The interior, firmer colored silicone can be seen through the softer, outer layer, thus providing the toy with shadowy hues.  Colors available are Twilight (purple), Ice (blue), and Candy (pink). Gorgeous!


While the girth of the toy is average in size, the head can create a bit of noise or feeling similar to a small -pop- as it passes behind the pubic bone for some individuals. It is a toy that is ok to use from a cold start, or use the added texture and intensity to your advantage.

Ready, Set, GO! We have covered a broad range of senses and ways to incorporate the senses in play. Let’s talk about what this toy can do! First, the two ridges combine to provide a subtle rumbling sensation internally – this rumble is milder with slower thrusting speeds and can increase with faster thrusting speeds. Consider a nice tease from slow to fast and back down again, if you prefer. At faster speeds it can be enjoyable to sway side to side as well. Why stop there? Another great sensation to try – insert the toy just past the head and twist it in circles. This allows the ridges of the head to brush against sensitive nerve endings in either a vagina or anus.


With all of the rolling, twisting, and roller coaster motions happening, what about lube? Wetter is better to reduce friction and soreness. You want to make sure to pair this toy with a water-based lubricant, or a toy-safe hybrid lubricant such as Sliquid Silk. This definitely reduces drag and helps the toy glide into every intimate orifice of your choice. Remember to clean your toy after each use. While this toy is boilable and bleachable, simple soap and warm water is a-ok! You can choose which method works best to fit your needs.

silkkk seaaaa

Although this toy takes the cake for sensory play, and it is one of my favorite toys for the above listed reasons, it is noted to be less useful for G-spot play. A curved smooth/textured dildo is preferred for G-spot play to provide direct pressure against sensitive areas. More of a curve would be useful for prostate play as well.

Toy: Flurry O2

Manufacturer: Tantus

Material: Silicone

Warranty: 1 year

Battery or Rechargeable: N/A

Waterproof?: Yes

Size: 7″ L x 1.5″ W

Strength: N/A

Noise: N/A

Lube Compatibility: Water base only

Cleaning: Mild soap and warm water

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