The Duchess

12 Nov


You may have read our review about the Tantus Flurry 02 here (if not, we will wait patiently for your return). What happens when the same O2 material is combined with the Tantus Duke Vibe? The Duchess Vibe, of course! This leading lady is pure genius.

The Duchess is the newest non-realistic O2 vibrator in the O2 dual density line from Tantus featuring a super soft outer layer and firm inner core. 100% silicone, 100% awesome. And the colors are out of this world! Candy (pink) and Ice (blue) are so appealing that I want to frolic with them in the grass and photograph them in snow, put them in the bath, and well, you get the idea.  

grass duchess (1)

Besides the stunning aforementioned visual display, listen to her purr! Unlike other O2 toys, The Duchess turns up the pleasure with a waterproof removable bullet vibrator. While the included bullet is only one speed, it is powerful enough to send vibration through the majority of the toy (toy length – insertable – 6.6”).  We also recommend slipping a We~Vibe Tango into the base for an even stronger vibration experience. Alternately, if you’re really not into the vibration aspect today, or ever, you can swap out the bullet vibe for a strong, sturdy suction cup base that attaches easily to most surfaces.


This toy has been suggested as “perfect for a fulfilling G-Spot or P-Spot experience”. While we adore Tantus and all of the amazing things that they do, this toy can leave you aching and wishing for more in that department. By the same token, if you want a specific G-spot or P-spot toy, aim for a toy with a curve instead, such as: Slow Drive. Curve. Sport. Will this toy brush against these sensitive areas? Sure. Will it directly provide the pressure or attention that your G-Spot or P-Spot may seek? Probably not, unless you hike your booty up on top of pillows and bend the toy to meet your needs. (no pillows were harmed in the making of this review.)


Admittedly, it took some time to adjust to the Duchess. It may not be a great choice as a warm-up for some individuals due to the girth of the toy. With a head measuring 1.8”, she can be sassy. To assist, grab your favorite bottle of lube, turn on the vibration, and work with your body to accept the toy. If girth is not an initial concern, grab your favorite bottle of lube, curtsey, and enjoy the accompanying fullness.


Furthermore, for those who enjoy slapping a toy against skin, such as a tongue, face, breasts, and other various body parts, expect a slight thud (looking at you, BDSM community). The firm core combined with the softer outer skin, plus the toy measurements are enough to provide some force even with simple slapping motion. Does the impact still sound delightful? Yes, yes it does.


In sum, The Duchess is a girthy, vibrating damsel that will bend and move with you. She’s also a heck of a dance partner, and (due to her dense core) will defend your honor if ever wielded as a weapon to arm yourself against things that go bump in the night. For your sake, we hope that last one is never the case.  


Toy: The Duchess
Manufacturer: Tantus
Material: Silicone
Warranty: n/a
Battery or Rechargeable: Battery insertable vibe (included)
Waterproof?: Yes
Size: 6.5″ l x 1.8″ w (head) 1.6″w (shaft)
Strength: 2 out of 5 stars
Noise: 2 out of 5 stars
Lube Compatibility: Water base only
Cleaning: Mild soap and warm water, boiling (with vibe removed)

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