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Protected: Blow Their Mind: Mastering BJs for All Bodies

14 Mar

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Ask An Educator: Trying Something New

23 Feb

My husband and I are like the ” blind leading the blind” when it comes to sex. I want to try so many different things. Many are outside of our small “sex option box.” I often read erotica novels and dream about being dominated, like many of the leading ladies,  but my husband is prideful with the subject and I am often left unsatisfied and disappointed. Now sex has become something that I shy away from because I already know the ending and that’s frustrating. What do you suggest ?

newGetting stuck in a sexual rut can be incredibly frustrating – especially if one partner wants to try something new and the other partner is reticent. So how do you move forward and create a fulfilling and exciting sex life while still honoring our partner’s feelings? Continue reading

Ask An Educator: Maximizing Male Oral

16 Feb

My partner and I both enjoy giving and receiving oral sex. We can maximize my pleasure with a vibrator, but I’m looking for a way to maximize his pleasure as well. Any suggestion, toys, lubricants that will help me rock his world?

loveWe love getting questions like this because they show us that partners are looking out for each other and seeking ways to make each other feel good! Good for you! We love it when couples seek ways to get even more out of their sex lives. Continue reading

Ask An Educator: Discreet Public Play

22 Jan

What are some ways that couples can discreetly be playful in public? For example, are there blacked out sunglasses available so someone could be kept “blindfolded”? Are there ways to tie a partner’s hands discreetly?

secret discreet public playThe lure of playing with your partner in public is incredibly erotic to many folks. What is less erotic is the idea of being hauled off to jail for public indecency … or kidnapping depending on what kind of play you are engaging in! So the question is how do you maintain the thrill of being frisky in public without alerting the masses to your sexy machinations? Continue reading

Fifty Shades of Fantasy

14 Jan

Fifty Shades of Fantasy

While we have serious misgivings about the book series, we recognize that people want to explore and try new things. With that in mind, are you feeling inspired? Curious? Whether  you’ve read the book or are just vaguely familiar with the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy by E.L. James, you may be wondering about all of the toys and gadgets featured throughout. Well you don’t have to wait for the movie release to see what tricks Christian Grey has up his sleeve – we aim to please and have done the legwork for you in order to create your own Fifty Shades of Fantasy!

Continue reading

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