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4 Tips for Better Sex During Menopause

18 Sep

It’s Menopause Awareness Month!


Last September we addressed some misconceptions about menopause and learned that it is not an automatic death sentence to one’s sex life. In fact, menopause can offer opportunities for better, more fulfilling sex while deepening one’s connection with their body and pleasure. That said, sexual desires and comfort levels are by no means universal during peri- and postmenopause. Some people may experience decreased interest in sex while others’ desires become heightened. Other people experience minimal to no change at all. The best approach is to discover what works for you. So whether you’re a menopausal sex god, want a little encouragement or are just curious, here are four tips for enhancing your sex life during and post menopause.


  1. Redefine Sex

Menopause often requires people to relearn how to relate to their bodies and develop new approaches to sex. Some discomforts associated with menopause, such as the thinning of delicate tissues of the vaginal wall and anus, can make insertive sex uncomfortable. Changes in hair, skin, and weight may impact body image. Chronic pain, disability, and depression may become added factors in navigating sex.


For these reasons, we encourage people to redefine sex. For instance, sex does not have to strictly be insertive/penetrative; nor does it have to be centered around giving or receiving orgasm. Instead, menopausal sex can be an opportunity to create new erotic expressions and pathways. Start with the question of what arouses you? What makes you feel sexy and confident? Is it a certain scent, image, taste, sound or sensation? How can you explore those things more deeply? How can you express your erotic self? Something else to keep in mind is that sometimes more stimulation (physical or nonphysical) is needed to become mentally or physically aroused or to orgasm. In her book Come As You Are, Emily Nagoski gets into some of the nuts and bolts of arousal and desire while dispelling some harmful myths around libido, which is a recurring topic in conversations around menopause.

Image result for come as you are book

  1. Always, Always Lube It Up

    Image result for sliquid satin

So everyone knows we hold lubricant in high esteem. This makes total sense because lubricants can make playing with yourself, your partners and your toys more pleasurable. They are especially helpful in treating vaginal dryness, a common experience for menopausal/post-menopausal people. Just be sure your lubricant is body safe and does not contain ingredients that increase your chances of dryness and irritation (no alcohol, no glycerin!). Some quality lubricants include Sliquid’s Satin and ID Velvet. Both can be used as a daily personal lubricant and for sex.

  1. Maintain Your Sexual and Pelvic Health

Revisit #2 and add some Kegels, dilators, a hand, or favorite sex toy. Kegels or pelvic floor exercises are exercises that involve toning the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles through contracting and relaxing. WikiHow offers a pretty detailed tutorial on how to properly do them. They can be especially helpful in reducing urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. They can also increase the vagina’s sensitivity and intensify orgasms.



Weighted exercise aids like Ami Balls and Luna Beads can help you focus your exercise efforts a little more precisely. (You can learn more about choosing the best Kegel Exerciser for you here.)

The shift in hormones can cause the vagina to shorten and lose some elasticity. This can make penetrative sex painful, difficult and even injurious. Health care providers or sex therapists may suggest using a dilator to help gradually and gently stretch the vagina. Dilators like those from the Inspire Silicone Dilator Kit are specially sized dildos designed to work with one’s body and not against it. The key is time, patience, and selecting a dilator that doesn’t cause pain with insertion but enters with some resistance. Users can practice three to five times weekly for twenty minutes (or at whatever length of time is tolerable).

  1. Masturbate

Speaking of dildos…Masturbation is a great way to have better sex be it solo or partnered with toys or without.


There are so many good things about masturbation. It can relieve stress and release tension. It draws blood to your pelvic region, enriching those tissues and improving the overall health of your pelvic organs and muscles. It can lead to an (or multiple) orgasm(s) which works out those pelvic floor muscles. It offers the opportunity to explore fantasies and test out new sensations and toys like the ergonomic, strong but light weight Rumble by Tantus or the Iconic Smoothie by JimmyJane. It can help make us become better lovers to ourselves and partners especially as we discover what we like. But most of all, masturbation can be fun! Hop on over and check out our masturbation playlist created to commemorate National Mastubation Awareness Month.

Well we are done here. Some other tips include:

  • Take your time. Go slow.
  • Upgrade your mental wank bank. – For example, you can read erotica or romance novels. Watch porn or that very exciting scene in your favorite romantic comedy. You can try some dirty talk or even sexting.
  • Focus on intensifying intimacy with yourself and partners.
  • Masturbate. – Try it with your hands or with toys.
  • Try new positions. – This is especially important when managing chronic pain or fatigue.
  • Experiment with news sensations or kinds of play. –  For example temperature or role play.
  • Talk to a sex educator or sex therapist.
  • Talk about sex with your partners. Communication is key to great sex. –  Interested in trying something new? Share it. Something feels uncomfortable/painful? Say it. You are an expert on your body and desires.
  • Always remember that everyone’s experience of menopause is not the same.


Take care and be joyous.

Happy Menopause Awareness Month!

menopause lane

5 Quick Facts About Prostate Health

4 Sep

September is National Prostate Health Month and we feel it’s important to bring awareness to prostate cancer, its detection and screenings, as well what work has been done in the medical field on the issue. Check out our list below to read a few quick facts for those with prostates and the folks that love them.


Image result for prostate cancer ribbon

  1. Regular ejaculation can help protect against prostate cancer.

A number of research studies have been conducted on this topic including one by The Journal of the American Medical Association and another published in European Urology which observed the sexual  habits of 32,000 participants and determined that those with a higher rate of ejaculation were less likely to have prostate tumors. Specifically, the study found that those who ejaculated at least 21 times a month had a 33% lower risk of prostate cancer than those that didn’t. We may be able to help with that…

  1. Urine flow is a good indicator for prostate problems, but not the only one.

A lot of folks have heard about the common indicator: when what was once a strong stream has dwindled to a weak trickle, there may be an issue. But this change can occur for a number of reasons including infection, inflammation, or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), which is a non-cancerous enlargement of the organ.

Not only that, but prostate cancer doesn’t always affect the urinary stream until the disease is advanced, so it isn’t a reliable indicator on its own.

Image result for enlarged prostate

Other symptoms to look out for are more frequent nighttime urination, dribbling before or after urinating, and a consistently weak urine flow. Less common symptoms include pain in the testicles, erectile dysfunction, or the presence of pain or blood when passing urine. Staying aware of any bodily changes can help with early detection.

  1. There may be a contributing genetic factor in those diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Although the cancer may appear in those with no family history, information from the American Cancer Society suggests that there is a 1 in 3 chance in those that have a family member with the disease. This can increase up to 83% if multiple family members have been diagnosed and particularly if the relatives were young when the cancer was found.

4. Nearly 100 percent of those diagnosed with prostate cancer while the cancer is in early stages are still alive five years after diagnosis.

This is critical and we cannot reiterate enough that this is why early detection is vital. Because there are often no consistent or noticeable symptoms of prostate cancer while it is still in the early stages, screenings can be helpful. Particularly in those who have family members affected by the disease. The American Cancer Society suggests screenings at age 50 for those at average risk, age 45 for those at a higher risk (such as those who have affected family members and African American folks), and age 40 for those with more than one family member affected at an early age.

Image result for genetic

Having conversations with a health care provider at roughly these ages can help prepare folks for the screenings and figure out what decisions are best for them.

And finally…

5. There is a robotic butt that assists medical students in learning to perform prostate exams and it’s name is Patrick…

Image result for no this is patrick gif

Currently housed at the University of Florida, ‘Patrick’ is an innovative learning tool that allows medical students to perform simulated exams and delivers instant feedback about everything they’re doing. The robot has four sensors to let them know if the pressure is too soft or they haven’t covered the whole prostate.

The physical component is paired with a virtual patient whom students interact with to conduct doctor-patient conversations about medical history.


We find this to be interesting as a lot of folks’ concerns with being screened have to do with comfort; even those comfortable with their physician may not be comfortable with the DRE (digital rectal exam) procedure. That and honestly, an AI butt named Patrick is just awesome.

For an introduction to the prostate and myths and misconceptions (specifically about the more pleasurable side of the gland), check out our previous blog entries.

Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To?: Womanizer vs. Satisfyer

30 Aug

The Womanizer is a pretty infamous toy. There’s always some reviewer, some customer, or some random person in the grocery store pining over it or remarking on how great it is. “Best toy ever!” “Guaranteed orgasm.” “Just like oral sex.”

Of course once we started carrying the Satisfyer which claimed to serve a similar function, was waterproof, and $70.00 less with a gender-neutral name, customers had questions. All of them boiled down to whether the Satisfyer was a comparable but affordable option to the Womanizer or just a cheap, mediocre, knock off. Well, we couldn’t know unless we tried it. So here it is.

womanizer vs. satisfyer

About Your Reviewer

It should be noted that I am able-bodied, queer and cisgendered. I have a vulva with an uncircumcised clitoris. I am not menopausal and while I don’t dislike vibration, I am pretty indifferent to it. All of these factors impact how I am able to use and enjoy a toy. I should also mention that both companies have a whole line products. The two models I am comparing are the Satisfyer Pro 2 and the Womanizer W100.

So now you have a better idea of your reviewer, let’s dive in.

So Why all the Buzz?


Well for starters, both the Womanizer and the Satisfyer offer a different sensation than that of the classic motorized sex toys as they do not provide suction or vibration. Instead they use pressure technology. Womanizer uses their trademarked Pleasure Air Technologie® that is said to stimulate the clitoris without direct contact. This reduces the chance of hypersensitivity and overstimulation (No numbing! No soreness!). Satisfyer uses “pressure wave stimulation” to do the same thing. According to many users these innovating technologies do work. So yay!

Both pair well with solo and partnered sex and can be used to stimulate the clitoris, frenulum and coronal ridge on the penis, nipples, and labia. And since the brain is the biggest and most complex sex organ, I’m sure someone can think up even more erogenous zones and hotspots to stimulate. I have tried both toys on my nipples and there was mild suction, which was a little exciting but not nearly as intense as direct clitoral stimulation. And, even pressing the toys up against my neck was fun.

Another good thing about the Satisfyer and the Womanizer is the fact that they are rechargeable, and hold their charges fairly well. Each toy’s battery can last up to 90 minutes depending on how often you use the toy as well as the intensity levels used. Both toys also charge relatively quickly: 70 minutes for a full charge on the Womanizer and 90 on the Satisfyer. I haven’t had to charge either toy since I’ve gotten them.


Womanizer > Satisfyer

At first glance, both toys have a similar design. Both are made of a body safe ABS plastic, come with a removable silicone head and remind me of rubber chickens.

The removable heads on both toys are too small to fully surround larger clits. So people with larger clits miss out on the full experience of the pulsating pressure. When engorged, the shaft of my clit is pretty long but remains close to my body. So I am very curious of how it would feel to have my entire clit–shaft and head included–surrounded. (Guess I’ll never know.) That said, the Womanizer’s later models (like the Pro Deluxe) come with an XL exchangeable head (There’s hope).

Each has two buttons: a power button and a button for adjusting the settings. Having only one button for the levels was only mildly annoying and not a huge deal breaker as I could jump back to the lowest setting by pressing the power button once.

That’s where most of their similarities end:

  • Womanizer W100 has six intensity levels while the Satisfyer Pro 2 has eleven.
  • The Satisfyer has a more narrow neck than the Womanizer making it easier for small-handed person such as myself to hold.
  • Though the Womanizer is more bulky, it is lighter, which came in handy when I paired it with the Pure Wand.
  • Womanizer turns on too easily (frustrating), but its setting button is perfect (awesome).
  • The Satisfyer’s buttons are very clicky and on the side opposite of its nozzle, which I do not enjoy because I mix them up. The Womanizer’s are on the same side and are noticeably different in size and texture. I prefer this set up because I can use my thumb to toggle between the two buttons without missing a beat or getting confused.
  • Overall, the Satisfyer feels like an old car, kinda steampunkish where the Womanizer’s technology is lighter and more futuresque. I like this about both of them.


Womanizer > Satisfyer

Both toys are louder when off body and quieter when on. The Satisfyer’s lowest setting is quieter than that of the Womanizer. Outside of that, the Satisfyer is definitely the noisiest of the two. At its fifth level, it sounds like electric clippers. To top this off, its buttons click and clack in a very audible fashion.

Guaranteed orgasm?

Womanizer = Satisfyer

Yes, so far. The first time I used the Womanizer the third to fifth intensity levels were super strong; I couldn’t keep myself from cumming. After I did orgasm, my clit was too sensitive for those settings. In the Satisfyer, it’s level three that does the job, so much so that I couldn’t get past that level without climaxing during my first few tries. In my subsequent sessions, I have used the power of breath control and technique to orgasm when I wanted, whether that be within the first 3 minutes or next half hour.

Just like oral sex?

Womanizer = Satisfyer

Definitely not. Well, at least not like the oral sex I’ve received. Like most motorized sex toys, neither the Womanizer of Satisfyer offer enough variation, subtlety, wetness or warmth to fully simulate oral sex, especially not cunilingus.


Womanizer < Satisfyer

In addition to giving me good orgasms, both toys are also strong enough to make the bottom half of my vulva throb in a good way when placed at the vaginal opening.

The Womanizer’s first two patterns are great warm ups. They draw blood to the clit, engorging it, which makes the air pressure work better. The lowest setting is light and subtle which is good for those that are hypersensitive and want something mild. It feels like soft full eyelashes fluttering my clit. Things get intense around setting three, which feels more reminiscent of vibrator. At this setting, I used the toy like a masturbation sleeve, tapping my clit in a fast but gentle rhythm. Setting four is so intense that I use it to stimulate my clit from the side and place it on the lips. This setting is great for edging and it is sometimes nice to go back to lowest setting and start over. I have a hard time getting past levels five and six without orgasming.

The Satisfyer’s first setting is really subtle, even more subtle than the Womanizer, but feels fuller like a purr on the genitals. I definitely prefer the Satisfyer’s lowest setting to the Womanizer’s because it feels broader and less pinpointed. There’s a huge jump in intensity between the Satisfyer’s first and second levels. This is somewhat off-putting because with eleven settings you’d think it’d be more gradual. After level six on the Satisfyer, the settings blend together to the point I can’t differentiate between them. Despite these minor flaws, the toy’s settings are very strong and capable of successfully stimulating other parts of the vulva as well as chasing down my roaming hot spot.

Numb Free?

Womanizer = Satisfyer

Neither of these toys numbed my clit. However at their higher settings, they did make it hypersensitive, which was uncomfortable at some moments and pleasureable at others.

Cleaning & Care

Womanizer = Satisfyer

The exchangeable heads are easy to clean. For both toys, I remove the heads and wash with mild soap (heavily diluted, unscented liquid Dr. Bronner’s) and warm water. Because they are silicone you can drop them in a cup of piping hot water or boil them. I clean the headless nozzles (A.K.A. pressure chambers) with a Q-tip and alcohol or toy cleaner and wipe down the body of the toys with a damp rag or paper towel.

Final Verdict

It’s a pretty close decision. Neither toy is my go-to because I tend to prefer penetration, broader vulvar stimulation and more indirect clitoral stimulation. Both are clit-specific and maybe a little too pinpointed and specialized. However, they have been great for getting myself over the edge as well as fattening up the clit for other sexual exploits like clit clamping or receiving oral sex. Overall, I had a lot of fun testing them both out. But if I had to choose one to accompany me for weekend on a deserted island, I would have to go with the Satisfyer. I really enjoyed its first and lowest setting and when it comes to stimulating the rest of vulva, like placing it on the lips, vaginal opening and the fourchette it’s more effective. It is also waterproof, less bulky and has a more chill femme design (what can I say, my aesthetic is pretty chill femme). Don’t get me wrong, the Womanizer is a good toy. It’s truly a luxury item. Customers are most likely paying for its motor, which is superior to that of the Satisfyer. I was more able to believe that the Womanizer was using air pressure technology than the Satisfyer because the subtlety and uniqueness of its sensation as well as the type of sound the toy produced. I imagine it working best for those who hate vibration but prefer direct clitoral stimulation and love the high femme aesthetic. In short, the Satisfyer is comparable to the Womanizer in what it can do (i.e. offer a quick climax via clitoral stimulation) but not i how it feels.

Toy: Satisfyer Pro 2

Material: Silicone, ABS

Warranty: One year; Contact:

Battery or Rechargeable: Rechargeable; Magnetic USB

Waterproof?: Yes

Size: 6.4” x 1.2”

Strength: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Noise: 2 out of 5 stars

Lube Compatibility: Water-based

Cleaning: Mild soap and water or toy cleaner


Toy: Womanizer W100

Material: Silicone, ABS

Warranty: Two year; Contact:

Battery or Rechargeable: Rechargeable, USB charging port.

Waterproof?: No

Size: 6.2’’ x 2’’

Strength: 3 out of 5 stars

Noise: 3 out of 5 stars

Lube Compatibility: Water-based

Cleaning: Mild soap and water or toy cleaner

Pride Month 2017 Celebration Ideas

1 Jun

June is here, and that means Pride month is in full effect. We’ve put together a few ideas for uniquely prideful things to do this month. Check it out!

Pride Flags.png

With the weather warming up for real this time, and the Pride spirit abound, it’s definitely a good time to get out, socialize and build community. This can look like going to a speed dating event, happy hour, or brunch, or even creating smaller spaces for connection. can be a good resource for finding folks that may share identities or experiences to connect with.

Speaking of shared identities and experiences, it’s easy to forget to celebrate those that we have less in common with. Knowing that the LGBT or Queer community is not a monolithic group with one set of needs and experiences, it may be worthwhile to respectfully engage with members of communities you may not necessarily be a part of. While we certainly don’t condone co-opting spaces for communities one doesn’t belong to, we do think it’s beneficial to take the time to hear from others.

Attending the Women’s Spoken Word, for example (and just listening, if you don’t identify as a woman) can be a good way to appreciate and support folks.

Or check out the 34th Annual Capital Pride Interfaith Service to experience folks from different faiths coming together.


But let’s not forget that “things to do” doesn’t always have to be events, venues, and socializing. There is definitely space for celebration for introverts and those who just choose not to go out. Maybe take the time to do some journaling about the significance of the month, your identity, or a even list of things you hope to see in the future when it comes to yourself or the communities you are a part of. Questions to consider may include:

  • What am I proud of, when it comes to my identity?
  • Are there parts of me that I’m not proud of?
  • What would it look like to find pride in all of me?
  • What has/will that journey look like?

Being proud can mean recognizing how far we’ve come and on the same hand how much farther we’ve got to go. Keeping this in mind, June is a good time to support a local LGBT-focused organization. Support can come through monetary donation, volunteering, or speaking out by attending a rally (like the Rally for Transgender Equality on the 9th). Because, let’s face it, we’ve come tremendously far since folks like Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera stood up and fought back at Stonewall, but there’s still so much to do in terms of building justice, equality, and the freedom to be proud for everyone.

marsha-and-sylvia   Photo credit: Lauren Soleil-Downer

Ultimately, the month is meant to be both a time to honor and to celebrate. That said, of course we couldn’t forget that a big part of the month’s celebration for a lot of folks includes the Parade and Festival, which take place on the 10th and 11th, respectively here in DC.

As always, be safe and enjoy. Happy Pride!

May is All About Masturbation Month

1 May

May is a great month for so many reasons: flowers are in bloom, semesters are coming to an end for students, we’re talking about mental health, and we’re masturbating with intention. Yes, May is also National Masturbation Month.

May Month Tumblr

But masturbation isn’t something that’s discussed very often in most folks’ lives (or ever).

Actually, in thinking about how rarely I hear masturbation discussed outside of our store, almost all of the very few examples I came up with had to do with popular songs that mention or allude to the act. It makes a lot of sense: music and eroticism are deeply entwined for a lot of folks, and it only makes sense that they often reference each other.


So in honor of the month, we’ve put together a playlist dedicated to masturbation and some techniques and ideas for uniquely exciting masturbatory experiences. So grab your earphones if you’d like to follow along and let’s discuss.


1. “Sex With Me” by Rihanna

Even when it is talked about openly, masturbation is still usually talked about as something we do when we can’t or don’t have a partner around for whatever reason. But in actually, masturbation can be enjoyed while a partner is away, or right beside you doing the same.

It can be beneficial to sometimes think of masturbation as just as exciting as sex with lover(s). The ultimate goal may be to say to yourself “sex with me so amazing”, and to fully believe it.


2. “Feeling Myself” by Nikki Minaj feat. Beyoncé

“Feeling Myself” is the ultimate confidence track and it has a place on our list as a reminder to truly take the opportunity to feel yourself, both physically and emotionally. Physically, this looks like being intentional with touch in order to truly feel your body. But to emotionally feel oneself is often another monster that maybe we haven’t quite been able to approach. Many of us have come to think of sex acts as requiring a certain type of “sexy” which tends to push us towards desiring an unattainable perfection. Ideally, we’d embrace silliness, awkwardness, imperfection, and the entire spectrum of emotions that come up in both partnered and solo sex.


Since we’re focusing on masturbation here, I’ll say this: yes, it is totally acceptable to put on a pair of cute underwear and pop your butt in the mirror.

Image result for feeling myself

“Feelin’ myself, back off, cause I’m feelin’ myself, jack off
He be thinking about me when he whacks off, wax on? Wax off”

3. “Open” by Rhye

This song was not just chosen for the singer’s sultry vocals, but for the song’s clear reminder: stay open. It’s easy to fall into a routine of using masturbation as a quick release that isn’t practiced intentionally or pleasurably, sometimes. I think we often forget that it doesn’t always have to be about unzipping jeans and opening legs. It can be exhilarating to open the mind in a new way. Ultimately, how we think about masturbation can affect the entire experience; starting off by thinking “I’ve got to get off but I only have 7 minutes” lends to an entire different experience than “I really just want to take the time to feel my own body”. Limited time, shame, and feelings of not deserving pleasure can all limit the enjoyability of self-love sessions.


“Stay open”


4. “If” by Janet Jackson

So now that we’ve established the mind as a powerful tool for masturbation sessions, what else can we do with it? For a lot of folks, masturbation is an opportunity to slip into a world of fantasy. We can fantasize about an ideal lover, a room full of lovers, a specific scenario, or literally anything you choose to think up. It’s your brain, your body, and your experience and it’s alright to imagine all the “if”s. Letting the mind wander down the rabbit hole of sexual fantasy can be just that; fantasies may come up only once or maybe every so often. Or it could be in introduction to a personal desire that’s not yet been realized. Either way, Janet reminds us here that it’s alright to fantasize, even if it isn’t realistic or probable.


“If I was your girl, oh, the things I’d do to you
I’d make you call out my name, I’d ask who it belongs to
If I was your woman, the things I’d do to you
But I’m not, so I can’t, then I won’t, but if I was your girl”


5. “Soft and Wet” by Prince

If you’re familiar with our store, you’ll know how much we love lubricant. Because while mouths and vaginas (but not anuses) typically self-lubricate, it is usually a good idea to add some type of supplemental lubrication. But we tend to think of lube as only necessary for partnered, penetrative sex acts. But this doesn’t have to be the case, as lubricant can make any sensation (stroke/rub/grind/etc.) more pleasant and comfortable, regardless of your genital configuration or whether you’re using your hands, a toy, your bed, or playing with another body. Even if you’re self lubricating, longer sessions often call for some supplemental moisture. So don’t forget to keep the lube close by.

I’ve actually never actually heard of anyone complaining about someone being too wet. Even Prince’s breakout single alludes to the joys of moisture and pleasant sexual friction.


Image result for prince for you album cover

6. “Pony” by Ginuwine

When we think about masturbation, a lot of times we think about stroking parts; terms like “jacking/jilling off”, “rubbing one out”,  and “jerking it” all focus on acts that are done to the body manually, or by hand. This classic grinding song reminds us how fun it is to give the hand(s) a break and use the rest of the body for pleasure. Experiment with new textures, vibration, a masturbation sleeve, or even a consensual partner’s body and get those hips and abs moving. Incidentally, you may also get a nice core workout in the process. Sounds good to me.


7. “Don’t Sweat the Technique” by Eric B. and Rakim

While this track is the only one on the list that doesn’t directly relate to the topic of self-pleasure, we couldn’t resist including it for it’s very clear titular message: “don’t sweat the technique”. At the end of the day, how we choose to masturbate is totally up to us. Rather than worrying about what “should” feel good or even what normally feels good, take some time this month to experiment with new sensations and experiences.


And finally, the list’s bonus tracks. We couldn’t resist including these songs that either mention masturbation directly, or can assist in the mindset for an awesome experience.


8. “My Ding a Ling” by Chuck Berry

9. “Oops (Oh  My)” by Tweet feat. Missy Elliott

10. “Stroker Ace” by Lovage

11. “Jack U Off” by Prince

12. “Darling Nikki” by Prince

13. “I Touch Myself” by Divinyls

14. “Captain Stupido” by Thundercat


Enjoy a pleasurable Masturbation Month!

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