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Ask An Educator: Maximizing Male Oral

16 Feb

My partner and I both enjoy giving and receiving oral sex. We can maximize my pleasure with a vibrator, but I’m looking for a way to maximize his pleasure as well. Any suggestion, toys, lubricants that will help me rock his world?

loveWe love getting questions like this because they show us that partners are looking out for each other and seeking ways to make each other feel good! Good for you! We love it when couples seek ways to get even more out of their sex lives. Continue reading

Ask An Educator: Discreet Public Play

22 Jan

What are some ways that couples can discreetly be playful in public? For example, are there blacked out sunglasses available so someone could be kept “blindfolded”? Are there ways to tie a partner’s hands discreetly?

secret discreet public playThe lure of playing with your partner in public is incredibly erotic to many folks. What is less erotic is the idea of being hauled off to jail for public indecency … or kidnapping depending on what kind of play you are engaging in! So the question is how do you maintain the thrill of being frisky in public without alerting the masses to your sexy machinations? Continue reading

Ask An Educator: 18 & Nervous About Going to a Sex Shop

11 Jun

I just turned 18, and have been masturbating since whenever (even though it is “against the law”). I am a guy, and am very interested in getting a stroker/masturbator. The only problem, I am very shy/nervous about being judged going into a sex store and coming out with a bag. Also, I don’t know what I should buy! Any tips?

proudSo, first off, congratulations on coming to us to ask this question. We know that it can be incredibly difficult, especially when you are just starting to explore new things sexually, to reach out and ask questions so we applaud you for doing so. Continue reading

Don’t Ask. No, Really… V2.0!

21 Mar

we are beside ourselvesA few months ago, we published a blog of the most common questions that we are asked that we, quite frankly, wish would stop. The blog was so popular that we were asked to do a second edition. Who are we to argue? So here it is folks … Don’t Ask, No, Really Pt. 2!

Continue reading

Ask An Educator – Sex Makes Me Feel Like I Need to Urinate

21 Jan

*We’ve received several questions pertaining to the same topic so we are going to address them all in this post*

“What does it mean when you are having good sex and it feels like you have to urinate?”

“Every time I think I’m having an orgasm I urinate. Why is that?”

g spotMany female bodied folks encounter this at one time or another – you are having incredible sex (with yourself or a partner) and all of a sudden you feel the overwhelming urge to pee. So whats the deal? Well the good news is that you more than likely don’t actually have to pee (especially true if you went right before getting down to business). The better news? Congrats, you found your G-Spot! Continue reading

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