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Your Doctor May Be Wrong – Comprehensive Health Information & Examples

18 Mar

trust me I'm a doctorYour doctor is a medical professional that you are supposed to trust, right? After all, they are someone with years of training, countless patient hours, and sleepless nights through medical school just to make the grade (one hopes). They have dedicated their life to finding a cure, bandaging bruises, mending broken bones, and ensuring that our reproductive health is top-notch.

Hundreds of commercials each week urge people to “talk to your doctor about [insert product here]”. The general public takes this medical advice, these medications, and hopes that the medical professionals know best.  

But, is it safe to assume that a doctor’s advice is infallible?

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Ask An Educator: Safer Rimming

10 Oct

“How should I clean my mouth after rimming, and how long should I wait after rimming before I kiss my partner on the mouth, perform oral sex on him or her, etc. I know that A2M ( Ass To Mouth), is very common in porn, but it is actually a very unhygienic practice.”

latex dental damRimming, for those unfamiliar with it, is the practice of using one’s tongue to stimulate the outer sphincter (and, occasional, the interior) of the anus. It can be an intensely pleasurable and intimate act but it does carry some risk with it. As the questioner noted above, A2M (ass to mouth) can be really unhygienic because of the possibility of transferring bacteria & STIs present in the anus to the mouth . A2V (ass to vagina) is also a no go because the bacteria in the ass can cause yeast infections and UTIs if introduced to the vagina.

We HIGHLY recommend using a dental dam if you enjoy rimming. A dental dam is a large, thin sheet of latex (non latex variations are also available) that is placed right over the anus and you can rim through it. This will eliminate any transfer of bacteria as well the transmission of STIs. Don’t have a dental dam? You can cut a condom down one side and turn that into a sheet as well. If you insist on rimming without a dental dam, you should rinse your mouth with full strength Lysterine for at least 30 seconds and then wash around the mouth area. This should kill off any bacteria but it is unlikely that it will kill any STIs so be aware of that. Our advice – stay safe and just use a dam!

Ask An Educator: Oral Sex w/ Herpes

30 Sep

“If herpes not present can I have oral sex”

safe sexUnless you are having protected oral sex, the short answer is NO.

Herpes can be VERY contagious and, even if the sores aren’t present, you still have to take viral shedding into account. If you are with a partner who has herpes or if you don’t know their status, or if you yourself have herpes DO NOT have unprotected oral sex. Always use a dental dam or a condom to prevent spreading the virus.

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