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What the Kink?! – A Beginner’s Guide to BDSM

2 Jan

tantus silicone thwack“I want to spank my partner.” “My partner wants me to tie them up.” “I want to talk dirty.” “She wants me to give her better oral and I want to be of service – how?!” The good news is that your friendly neighborhood adult boutique transforms into an adult education space a few times a month to bring you the latest & greatest tips, tricks, and classes to help address all of your erotic or sexual pleasures. With an expanded BDSM section on our 2nd floor, the necessary equipment is available to add some zest to your love life. This is not the time to simply make resolutions, this is the time to plan and act. There is no excuse to keep kink and other wants out in 2014 – It is a new year, fill it with new fun! Don’t make me get the paddle.

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Dipping a Toe Into the DC BDSM Scene

24 Jul

whipI have worked as a sex educator for over 3 ½ years and my journey with BDSM began around the same time. For me, however, my BDSM practice has always been a personal one between my partner and myself. I’ve never gone to a BDSM club or party, because, quite frankly, I was scared. I was scared that I didn’t know enough, that I would be judged or shamed and, that most basic of all fears, that I wouldn’t fit in. This surprises many people because of my profession. There is an assumption about sex educators that we know everything, have done everything and that nothing phases us. It’s not true!   Continue reading
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