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Ask An Educator: Discreet First Time Toy

25 Sep

 “I am 19 and a virgin. I love to masturbate and am kind of over rubbing my clit. I want to try a sex toy but don’t know what to get. I also need something discreet because I live at home. HELP!”

tickle your fancyNavigating the world of sex toys can be really difficult, especially if you have never owned one before. There are so many types that it can be difficult to know what to get. From your question, it seems as if you are primarily focusing on clitoral stimulation so a toy like the Tango could be great for you. It’s a discreet external vibrator that looks like lipstick. It has several intensities of vibration which is key because, since you have never used a toy before, you don’t know what kind of vibration your body will best respond to. It also has pulsation modes which vary the pattern of vibration which can be helpful if you find that constant vibration or rubbing of the clitoris makes you a bit numb. The best thing about this toy – it is nearly silent and it’s rechargeable so you can use it without everyone knowing it!

Another thing I would suggest is invest in a good lube like Sliquid Oceanics. You mentioned that you feel like you are “over rubbing” your clit and that can certainly happen if you are masturbating without lube. A good lubricant can entirely change the feel of masturbation (either with a hand or with a toy) and prevent any unwanted friction. If you don’t want the labeled bottle lying around, go to the Container Store and pick out a pretty pump bottle and no one will know what’s in it! 😉

Ask An Educator: Can I Have a Bigger Clitoris?

24 Sep

“I want a bigger clitoris. How can I get it to be bigger and more prominent for stronger orgasm?”

orgasm roller coasterMost women know that they need some kind clitoral stimulation in order to achieve orgasm but did you know that it isn’t actually the size of your clitoris that dictates how strong your orgasm will be? The pubococcygeal (PC) muscles, also known as the Kegel muscles, hold all of the tension that eventually releases as an orgasm. By doing kegel exercises, either by contracting and releasing or using kegel balls, you can strengthen that muscle. A stronger PC muscle can lead not only to stronger orgasms but can also prevent incontinence, bladder and uterine prolapse, aid in child-birth as well as recovery and increase your core strength. Pretty cool, huh?

Now, if you want to increase the size of your clitoris so it is more likely to be stimulated during penetration, you can use a clit pump to increase blood flow to the area and increase size temporarily. You might also want to look into using a clitoral stimulation gel such as Sliquid O Gel to temporarily increase sensitivity.

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