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Ask An Educator: Spicing Up Your Sex Life

8 Jul

Here with another installment of “Ask An Educator” is our guest educator, Dr. Ruthie!

I am very shy when it comes to spicing up my sex life with my boyfriend. I recently got him to give anal sex a try for me. And we found that that works the best. Now I want to ask him if he could perform oral sex on me. I have given him oral on numerous occasions and he enjoys it. I have never had oral sex performed on me before. How do I go about asking him to try it on me?

spice From the sounds of it you’re already doing a lot of great exploring with your boyfriend! I’m so glad to hear that you’ve already been able to add something you both enjoy. If the two of us were chatting in the store I might ask you how you introduced the topic with him, and what you liked best (and least) about the conversation. I’m guessing that you had (or discovered) some new sexual communication skills then that could be helpful with introducing more new activities. But sometimes just bringing up the topic can feel more scary than the rest of the conversation that comes afterward. It can be really anxiety provoking to not know how our partners will react to the things we want to invite them to try with us. One of my favourite resources here at the store are these fabulous lists of possible sexual activities that individuals and partners can use to mark whether they like the idea, don’t like it, or are unsure. It’s a great way to get all kinds of good ideas, to think about what you might enjoy on your own, and to introduce conversations about it all. Continue reading

What the Kink?! – A Beginner’s Guide to BDSM

2 Jan

tantus silicone thwack“I want to spank my partner.” “My partner wants me to tie them up.” “I want to talk dirty.” “She wants me to give her better oral and I want to be of service – how?!” The good news is that your friendly neighborhood adult boutique transforms into an adult education space a few times a month to bring you the latest & greatest tips, tricks, and classes to help address all of your erotic or sexual pleasures. With an expanded BDSM section on our 2nd floor, the necessary equipment is available to add some zest to your love life. This is not the time to simply make resolutions, this is the time to plan and act. There is no excuse to keep kink and other wants out in 2014 – It is a new year, fill it with new fun! Don’t make me get the paddle.

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Consent – A Journey When Given, A Trainwreck When Not

14 Oct

reality check aheadHello to you, good people of the internet. Come with me, if you will, down the golden path of consent. Imagine that you wake up to a message from someone inviting you out for coffee. You accept this offer and think that you are going out on a friendly date with an unmarried person later in the day. You meet, greet, and the friendly coffee date is going great. They don’t have 2 heads or bad teeth, there is a lot of flirting occurring and plenty of witty banter back and forth. Suddenly your date turns to you and says “OK, before this goes on I have to tell you that I am married and my partner wants me to bring home another person.” O_o

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To Sext Or Not To Sext?

27 Sep

sextingProtecting yourself goes beyond a hot night between the sheets. It’s about safety as well as security outside of the bedroom – this extends to your media messages and email. Once you send a text or photo to someone else, you have to trust them as well as their security habits. We do not recommend sending racy photos or texts over the internet. However, we know that many of you are going to do it anyway! So, without further adieu, here are some simple ways to engage in Safe Sexting.

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Sex Is Written in the Stars

18 Sep
lion king sex in the stars

Literally! How many of you remember this movie moment?

Astrology can be used in many ways, from finding the perfect timing to change careers to pursuing hidden talents. It can also offer enlightenment about our sexuality. What are your needs? What are your partners desires? Start by knowing your own needs for sex and intimacy. Then you can utilize astrology to see what kind of company you seek and harness the types of people that are drawn to spend time with you!
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