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Miss Bi

25 Apr

miss biMy body and I have long had a love/hate relationship with dual stim toys. I want to love them! My body, unfortunately, hates them. No toy works for all bodies and nowhere is that more evident than with dual stim or rabbit style vibrators. For me, I usually find that the insertable portion is too long for comfort or doesn’t allow the external portion to come into contact with my clitoris. If it’s not that issue then the external portion is too short (or too long) and doesn’t hit where it needs too. Or the external portion is too small and only provides minute (and often frustrating) vibration. You see where I’m going with this … rabbit style vibes are such an awesome idea! Why won’t they let me love them?!?!?! I had all but given up hope when the Miss Bi came into my life and showed me that I could, indeed, love dual stim toys! Continue reading

Ina Wave

29 Oct


As far as dual-stimulation vibes are concerned, the Ina by Lelo has been a favorite for 7+ years. Ina 2 delivered the same beloved options (durability, strength, rechargeable) with slight additions to girth and length of the shaft. The toy is comfortable to inserted due to the tapered head and is designed to rock back and forth for G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

Fast forward to the Ina Wave release. It is a neat concept and redesign of the Ina 2, where the bulbous internal shaft waves up and down, mimicking movements of fingers on the G-spot. Other vibes of the past have left me unappreciative of internal motion, thus I was hesitant to try internal motion again. Was I prepared to ride the wave? 

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Pico Bong Transformer

5 Mar

Transformer This toy aspires to act as a gender-neutral “rabbit vibe, a clitoral massager, a cock-ring, a G-spot stimulator, a prostate massager, a vibrating double-ended dildo” and more than meets the eye. It is supposed to be perfect for her/him/her & her/every other possible combination imaginable. But does it prepare dinner, wash the car, and walk the dog? Let’s find out! Continue reading

We-Vibe 4

10 Jan

we vibe 4 with remoteThe We-Vibe is a toy that I have always the loved the concept of but have never really enjoyed the actual usage of.  On paper it’s such a clever concept – a slim vibe that you can insert in order to gain hands free clitoral stimulation during penetration (or any other type of sexual activity). When the We-Vibe 2 came out, I rushed out and bought one and ran home with visions of joyful romps with my partner that didn’t require me awkwardly holding onto a clitoral vibe only to have it shoot out of my fingers and across the room because it had lube on it … er, or am I the only one that happens to? <_<  Anywho … we gave it a try and, well, it was just underwhelming. The vibration wasn’t very strong, the shape was awkward, it kept slipping and the insertable part was just plain painful for my partner during penetration. In short – it was a disaster. We shoved it in a drawer and I never gave the We-Vibe another thought … until now.  Continue reading

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