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Holiday Gift Guide 2015!

16 Nov

Holiday Gift Guide 1

It’s that time of year again! With the holidays just around the corner, Secret Pleasures is here to provide you with exciting gift ideas for everyone on your list.

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Ask An Educator: 18 & Nervous About Going to a Sex Shop

11 Jun

I just turned 18, and have been masturbating since whenever (even though it is “against the law”). I am a guy, and am very interested in getting a stroker/masturbator. The only problem, I am very shy/nervous about being judged going into a sex store and coming out with a bag. Also, I don’t know what I should buy! Any tips?

proudSo, first off, congratulations on coming to us to ask this question. We know that it can be incredibly difficult, especially when you are just starting to explore new things sexually, to reach out and ask questions so we applaud you for doing so. Continue reading

Ask An Educator: Building Male Sexual Endurance

27 Sep

“Do flesh lights help a guy build up his endurance, help delay any ejaculation, etc?”

fleshlight stuWe get a lot of questions in the store about the Fleshlight so we thought, who better to answer this question than the folks at Fleshlight themselves. Here’s what they told me (Flehslight’s responses are in blue).

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What Materials Are Safe for My Body?

11 Dec

Shopping for a new sex toy can be overwhelming. With all of the materials that toys can be made of, how do you choose what will be best for you? Why is one dildo $20 and another one $150? Hopefully this guide will take some of the mystery out of materials for you. Continue reading

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