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Miss Bi

25 Apr

miss biMy body and I have long had a love/hate relationship with dual stim toys. I want to love them! My body, unfortunately, hates them. No toy works for all bodies and nowhere is that more evident than with dual stim or rabbit style vibrators. For me, I usually find that the insertable portion is too long for comfort or doesn’t allow the external portion to come into contact with my clitoris. If it’s not that issue then the external portion is too short (or too long) and doesn’t hit where it needs too. Or the external portion is too small and only provides minute (and often frustrating) vibration. You see where I’m going with this … rabbit style vibes are such an awesome idea! Why won’t they let me love them?!?!?! I had all but given up hope when the Miss Bi came into my life and showed me that I could, indeed, love dual stim toys! Continue reading

Amorino Review

16 Feb

‎willkommen11111German engineering has brought us BMW, Mercedes, SAP. Many know at least one of these brand-names and the list goes on and on. Germany carries over 20 slots on the Forbes list alone – What does that have to do with vibrators?

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Fun Factory Stronic Eins

23 Mar

Fun Factory Stronic Eins When Fun Factory said they were releasing a “new kind of sex toy” almost 2 years ago, most of us greeted the announcement with a mixture of excitement and skepticism. Their ads were vague and all we knew was it would “pulsate”. Once we got the toy in the store, however, everyone on staff became enthralled with it! The Stronic Eins wasn’t a vibrator. It wasn’t really a dildo either. What it was was a sleek toy that indeed pulsated back and forth, mimicking the motion of penetration. Fun Factory was right! The Stronic was completely new, incredibly fascinating … and very expensive! Despite how cool we thought the toy was though, we all had one question – did it feel good? So we decided to find out. Continue reading

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