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Tech Turns Sexy: We-Vibe Nova

23 Mar


Co-worker: Hey, there is a new dual-stim toy by We-Vibe. It’s rechargeable and flexi! Look at this thing!

Me: oOoOoh, so curious

Co-worker: Yeah, it is supposed to provide more of a range of motion for different bodies

Me: I love dual-stim but I don’t love a lot of dual-stim vibes. Bring it on! 

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Spring Showcase

8 Mar


We are nearly a quarter into 2016! Can you believe it?! It seems like 2015 was just yesterday. With the holiday season is long gone, it is likely (birthday or anniversary aside) that you have not received many nice gifts in a while (I know I haven’t!) Why not treat yourself to one of the newer products we are thrilled to showcase this spring?

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9 Nov

Tantus TsunamiThe Tsunami was one of those dildos that I had coveted for a long time and why not? Tantus is one of the best sex toy companies out there and they make some of the best dildos around. I love textured toys (see my undying love for the Goddess Vibe, also by Tantus) so when I first laid eyes on the Tsunami, it was love at first sight … or so I thought. Once I got my hands on one, it turned out to be an ill-fated romance. Continue reading

Mona Wave

3 Sep

Mona Wave The Mona and Mona 2 by Lelo have long been favourites of sex toy reviewers with g spots, do to the moderately girthy, strongly curved insertable shape that somehow manages to be intense enough to thrill without having an uncomfortable hooked shape. The Mona Wave adds a new element; it doesn’t just vibrate, it also makes a wave-like or “come hither” motion that can be turned on alone or in combination with vibrations. There are a total of 8 settings on this toy, and be sure to glance at the directions so you feel competent at how to cycle through vibrations vs. waves vs. combinations of both. The controls are conveniently located on the easy to grip, smooth, hard plastic handle, and the recharging port is on the end of the handle (removable cord is included). It is fully waterproof, making it easy to take into the bath if you like, and very simple to wash with soap and water. The insertable body of the toy is firm with a silicone coat that gives it a little texture, so use water-based lubes with this one. The vibrations seem to be located in the insertable part of the toy, so it won’t rattle your hand too much. Continue reading

Fun Factory Stronic Eins

23 Mar

Fun Factory Stronic Eins When Fun Factory said they were releasing a “new kind of sex toy” almost 2 years ago, most of us greeted the announcement with a mixture of excitement and skepticism. Their ads were vague and all we knew was it would “pulsate”. Once we got the toy in the store, however, everyone on staff became enthralled with it! The Stronic Eins wasn’t a vibrator. It wasn’t really a dildo either. What it was was a sleek toy that indeed pulsated back and forth, mimicking the motion of penetration. Fun Factory was right! The Stronic was completely new, incredibly fascinating … and very expensive! Despite how cool we thought the toy was though, we all had one question – did it feel good? So we decided to find out. Continue reading

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