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Bliss On Water-Based Lubricant

19 Mar

Southern Butter Bliss On Water Based LubeSierra Sage is the (small, independent) mother company to the Southern Butter intimacy line of products. It was “designed with one sole intention, to connect our minds and bodies with a safe, health conscious product.” The result is organic, nourishing, and moisturizing. All of the things we want from our lube, and then some! You can feel good about using this product to feel good.
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Your Doctor May Be Wrong – Comprehensive Health Information & Examples

18 Mar

trust me I'm a doctorYour doctor is a medical professional that you are supposed to trust, right? After all, they are someone with years of training, countless patient hours, and sleepless nights through medical school just to make the grade (one hopes). They have dedicated their life to finding a cure, bandaging bruises, mending broken bones, and ensuring that our reproductive health is top-notch.

Hundreds of commercials each week urge people to “talk to your doctor about [insert product here]”. The general public takes this medical advice, these medications, and hopes that the medical professionals know best.  

But, is it safe to assume that a doctor’s advice is infallible?

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Sexy Edition For All

20 Jan

valentines day

 How many times have you found yourself at the giving end of a default flower bouquet or bromidic chocolate? How many times have you received a gift that could have used more thought? For many, Valentines day can be an overwhelming or annoying conflict of expectations vs. reality. It can also be a good excuse (as if you needed one) to give/receive something awesome from someone that you adore/fancy/want in your bed.

To save you the uphill battle, we have compiled naughty, erotic, and beautiful things that you will crave no matter what your romantic status (or lack thereof) happens to be. These are perfect for the couple, the kinkster, the soloist, and those that are separated-by-the-miles. Avoid the last-minute decisions, enjoy the sexy erotica that has been provided for inspiration, and indulge yourself, also.
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Ask An Educator: Building Male Sexual Endurance

27 Sep

“Do flesh lights help a guy build up his endurance, help delay any ejaculation, etc?”

fleshlight stuWe get a lot of questions in the store about the Fleshlight so we thought, who better to answer this question than the folks at Fleshlight themselves. Here’s what they told me (Flehslight’s responses are in blue).

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Ask An Educator: Vaginal Dryness

26 Sep

“What can I use for a dry vagina?”

sliquid satinVaginal dryness can occur for any number of reasons – menopause, chemotherapy, diet, etc. It can be incredibly uncomfortable but you need not just live with it. There are a few wonderful moisturizing lubricants on the market that are specifically meant for every day use. The one we recommend most is Sliquid Satin. It is formulated with nourishing aloe and carrageenan to help alleviate dryness and keep vaginal tissues supple. Satin can be used daily as a personal moisturizer and can also be used as a sexual lubricant.

In addition to a daily moisturizing lubricant, make sure you are drinking plenty of water and take a look at any meds you might be taking. Antihistamines are notorious for drying out the body as are certain types of antidepressants. If you have concerns about the effects of any meds, talk to your doctor. 

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