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Minna Limon

26 Aug

Minna Life LogoMinna is a company that I have really admired since they hit the scene a few years back with the Ola. I love their colorful packaging, clean design and simple “squeeze to use” functionality. So it should come as no surprise that I was incredibly excited when Minna launched a crowd funding campaign for a new toy, the Limon, last year. What’s not to love about an adorable little citrus shaped squeezy vibrator?! When I finally got my hands on one 1, well, it was love at first … squeeze. Continue reading

Ask An Educator: 18 & Nervous About Going to a Sex Shop

11 Jun

I just turned 18, and have been masturbating since whenever (even though it is “against the law”). I am a guy, and am very interested in getting a stroker/masturbator. The only problem, I am very shy/nervous about being judged going into a sex store and coming out with a bag. Also, I don’t know what I should buy! Any tips?

proudSo, first off, congratulations on coming to us to ask this question. We know that it can be incredibly difficult, especially when you are just starting to explore new things sexually, to reach out and ask questions so we applaud you for doing so. Continue reading

Ask An Educator: Selling Toys To Minors

6 Jun

If a minor were to enter your shop in hopes of purchasing a masturbation tool would you allow them to buy it?

perfect world In perfect world (our perfect world at least), everyone who was mature enough to be thinking about sex and self pleasure would be able to come to a sex positive shop and purchase a toy for themselves. Sadly, the laws in this country haven’t quite caught up to our vision. Continue reading

Tantus Slow Drive

12 May

Tantus I’ve been in love with Tantus for years. Their toys are so well made and come in great shapes, sizes and textures. The Tantus Echo* has been the crown jewel of my dildo collection for years and I honestly didn’t think another dildo could top it. Boy was I wrong!!! Continue reading

Guest Review: Ceramix No. 3 Plug

6 May

It’s time again for another guest post from a good friend of the store. D has returned to give us this review of the Ceramix No. 3 plug!

Pipedreams ceramix no.3 plugI opened the box and my jaw dropped at the beauty and elegance of what lay before my eyes…an exceptional piece of artwork. I use the word “artwork” to describe it because that is exactly what it is: art – an expression of beauty of above ordinary significance. The Ceramix No.3 Ceramic Wand is more than just an eye pleaser; it also highly excels as a pleasure pleaser as well. Continue reading

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