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What Materials Are Safe For My Body – The Lube Edition!

3 Jun

safety firstA while back we wrote a post about sex toy materials to help folks learn about what materials are safe for their bodies … and which ones aren’t. After that post, we had so many people tell us that they threw out their entire toy collection because it was all comprised of questionable materials. They felt they were able to make better informed decisions for themselves – and we couldn’t be happier because empowering our customers is what we are all about! We felt it was time for a second guide and this time we are tackling … LUBE! Continue reading

Not All Materials Are Created Equal or Why You Should Support Dildology.org!

8 May

sex toy materialsA while back we wrote a long blog post about the different types of materials that are used to create sex toys. It’s a great guide (if we do say so ourselves) but the sex toy industry is largely unregulated and, well, toy manufacturers can pretty much say their toys are made out of what ever the want. Often times, as little as 10% silicone content is all that is needed to call a toy “Silicone”. But what is the other 90% made out of? Manufacturers also come up with patented names for their materials like “SoftSkin” and “UR3” and, unless the manufacturer discloses the chemical make up of that particular material, we have no idea what is in it. This is why it is imperative that you purchase toys from reputable stores and manufacturers. It’s also why it is so important to have an unbiased organization that is committed to having toys tested so that you know EXACTLY what your toy is made of. That’s where the fabulous folks at Dildology.org come in. Continue reading

How To Choose A Vibe

14 Apr

vintage vibrator ad

The vibrator (vibe) is the most popular, well-known sex toy on the market. It quivers, buzzes, pulsates, and moves at varying speeds/intensities to provide stimulation to erogenous zones and genitals.

Many, and I do mean many (ok, almost all of us) want to be able to design THE vibrator to meet our needs; One that is strong enough, waterproof, bumper-to-bumper warranty, buys dinner, folds the laundry, and tells us that we are beautiful. The only problem is that the toy would cost $700. It is true, you cannot put a price on happiness, but you can definitely find a happy medium that suits both your pocketbook and physical desires.

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Bendable Glass Dildo

18 Mar

bendable glass dildo  bendable glass dildo

Why I [Impatiently Waited] Chose A Glass Toy

A co-worker and I represented Secret Pleasures at the bi-annual D.C. Leather Fleamarket & Play (LF&P) in November 2013. This was a chance to show the greater community what Secret Pleasures has to offer, as well as find handcrafted items, kink accouterments, atypical & typical sexual pleasure devices, etc. It was exciting to be among like-minded individuals. Admittedly, it was also exciting because it is not a secret that I enjoy handcrafted fare.

It is also not a secret that I had been searching for “the right glass toy” for some time. Simply put, I wanted to get off by using beautiful art! The adventure begins…

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Ask An Educator: How to Dispose of Toys

24 Jul

“How do I dispose of an old vibrator?”

recycle question mark“Paper goes in the green bin, plastic drink containers go in the blue bin and my Rabbit Habit goooooooes … where?” It’s a common question in this age of recycling and environmental consciousness. How does one dispose of a dead vibrator? Well, depending on what kind it is, there are a few things you can do with it.

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