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Ask An Educator: Maximizing Male Oral

16 Feb

My partner and I both enjoy giving and receiving oral sex. We can maximize my pleasure with a vibrator, but I’m looking for a way to maximize his pleasure as well. Any suggestion, toys, lubricants that will help me rock his world?

loveWe love getting questions like this because they show us that partners are looking out for each other and seeking ways to make each other feel good! Good for you! We love it when couples seek ways to get even more out of their sex lives. Continue reading

Ask An Educator: Toys to Mimic Oral Sex

3 Oct

” I do not have a partner. I’ve been divorce a year and I’m still in love with my ex.. I won’t sleep with  just anyone.  I enjoy penetration and  oral sex  but I really like oral to  be done to me.  I need a toy that i can use on myself for oral pleasures. Is there a toy that does that well?  I have a dildo it helps but does not do the  trick. I don’t want to depend on a  male to do it.”

je joue sasiIt’s always hard when you break up with a long-term partner. Aside from the intense emotional upheaval, you also have to relearn how to enjoy sex and stimulation – either by yourself or with a new person. It is especially difficult when your favorite form of stimulation is oral and you find yourself single. There are a few toys on the market that are meant to mimic oral sex, most notably the Sqweel by LoveHoney and the Sasi by JeJoue. Of the two, we find that the Sasi tends to feel the most natural and you can program it to only do the motions that you like!

However, I noted that you mentioned in your question that you are still in love with your ex. Take some time and make sure you aren’t trying to replace the connection you may have felt with your partner with a toy. Sex toys are absolutely wonderful but they aren’t humans and if it’s that human connection that you are really craving, a toy won’t be able to mimic that.

Ask An Educator: Oral Sex w/ Herpes

30 Sep

“If herpes not present can I have oral sex”

safe sexUnless you are having protected oral sex, the short answer is NO.

Herpes can be VERY contagious and, even if the sores aren’t present, you still have to take viral shedding into account. If you are with a partner who has herpes or if you don’t know their status, or if you yourself have herpes DO NOT have unprotected oral sex. Always use a dental dam or a condom to prevent spreading the virus.

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