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DVD Review: Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guides

18 Feb

tristan taorminos expert guide to female orgasmSexuality is a complex and multifaceted topic. No matter how much you know (or think you know) there is always something new to learn. So many people want to be able to study new sexual techniques, learn more about their partner’s (or their own) bodies or just get inspiration for the bedroom and sometimes an instructional book just won’t cut it. Many folks are visual or kinesthetic learners and need to see a concept played out in front of them and practice it as opposed to just reading about it. This is why we teach so many workshops at the store – the ability to see a technique demonstrated* and then be able to get instant feedback from an instructor can be invaluable. But what do you do if you can’t come to a workshop or you don’t live in an area that offers them? Well Tristan Taorimino has just the thing for you! The Expert Guide DVDs! Continue reading

Ask An Educator – Sex Makes Me Feel Like I Need to Urinate

21 Jan

*We’ve received several questions pertaining to the same topic so we are going to address them all in this post*

“What does it mean when you are having good sex and it feels like you have to urinate?”

“Every time I think I’m having an orgasm I urinate. Why is that?”

g spotMany female bodied folks encounter this at one time or another – you are having incredible sex (with yourself or a partner) and all of a sudden you feel the overwhelming urge to pee. So whats the deal? Well the good news is that you more than likely don’t actually have to pee (especially true if you went right before getting down to business). The better news? Congrats, you found your G-Spot! Continue reading

Ask An Educator – Premature Ejaculation

9 Jan

 “Hello educator. Less than 3 mins after I start making love, I ejaculate. Is there any spray or cream that I can use that will make me stay longer? My wife is angry…
I am waiting for your answer.”

screaming o prim o ringEarly ejaculation is a concern for a lot of men and this is a question we get frequently. While there are delay creams and sprays on the market, we don’t recommend them. Why? Well, they numb you and while they may make you last longer, you won’t feel any pleasure and where is the fun in that!? Instead, we recommend the use of a cock ring. A c-ring fits snugly at the base of the penis. The ring constricts blood flow out of an erection but allows blood flow to continue in. It also presses on the underside of the penis, constricting the urethral tube which is the tube that carries ejaculate out of the body. For many men, this helps them maintain a firmer and longer lasting erection and also keeps them from ejaculating. Want to add in more stimulation for you and your partner? Try a vibrating c-ring! 

Also, it’s important to remember ejaculation doesn’t have to be the end of sex! There are plenty of things that you can still do with your partner after ejaculation – get them off with your mouth or hands, give and receive sensual massage, spend time exploring each other’s bodies. Remember, sex doesn’t have to just mean penetration!

Ask An Educator: Toys to Mimic Oral Sex

3 Oct

” I do not have a partner. I’ve been divorce a year and I’m still in love with my ex.. I won’t sleep with  just anyone.  I enjoy penetration and  oral sex  but I really like oral to  be done to me.  I need a toy that i can use on myself for oral pleasures. Is there a toy that does that well?  I have a dildo it helps but does not do the  trick. I don’t want to depend on a  male to do it.”

je joue sasiIt’s always hard when you break up with a long-term partner. Aside from the intense emotional upheaval, you also have to relearn how to enjoy sex and stimulation – either by yourself or with a new person. It is especially difficult when your favorite form of stimulation is oral and you find yourself single. There are a few toys on the market that are meant to mimic oral sex, most notably the Sqweel by LoveHoney and the Sasi by JeJoue. Of the two, we find that the Sasi tends to feel the most natural and you can program it to only do the motions that you like!

However, I noted that you mentioned in your question that you are still in love with your ex. Take some time and make sure you aren’t trying to replace the connection you may have felt with your partner with a toy. Sex toys are absolutely wonderful but they aren’t humans and if it’s that human connection that you are really craving, a toy won’t be able to mimic that.

Ask An Educator: Discreet First Time Toy

25 Sep

 “I am 19 and a virgin. I love to masturbate and am kind of over rubbing my clit. I want to try a sex toy but don’t know what to get. I also need something discreet because I live at home. HELP!”

tickle your fancyNavigating the world of sex toys can be really difficult, especially if you have never owned one before. There are so many types that it can be difficult to know what to get. From your question, it seems as if you are primarily focusing on clitoral stimulation so a toy like the Tango could be great for you. It’s a discreet external vibrator that looks like lipstick. It has several intensities of vibration which is key because, since you have never used a toy before, you don’t know what kind of vibration your body will best respond to. It also has pulsation modes which vary the pattern of vibration which can be helpful if you find that constant vibration or rubbing of the clitoris makes you a bit numb. The best thing about this toy – it is nearly silent and it’s rechargeable so you can use it without everyone knowing it!

Another thing I would suggest is invest in a good lube like Sliquid Oceanics. You mentioned that you feel like you are “over rubbing” your clit and that can certainly happen if you are masturbating without lube. A good lubricant can entirely change the feel of masturbation (either with a hand or with a toy) and prevent any unwanted friction. If you don’t want the labeled bottle lying around, go to the Container Store and pick out a pretty pump bottle and no one will know what’s in it! 😉

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