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What The Kink?! – Kinky Richter Scale

13 Feb

10_Classic Pop Comic - Lichtenstein 2012_XL

Don’t be shy, take the poll! (results are anonymous) 

1 = Shhh, Don’t Even Talk About It Enough said.

2 = Curious Mind The thoughts excites you but you wouldn’t act upon them.

3 = Sensory Starter Just a little kinky. ie: cyber, phone, or text. You’re willing to talk about it with other people.

4 = Dip Your Toes In Willing to try new things within reason. Mild  impact play/discipline, mild bondage cuffs/restraints, dirty talk and fantasy planning with others have happened.

5 = Behold: BDSM You’ve played around with basic/moderate BDSM (Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, Sadism/Masochism) with others. You’ve picked up a few toys here and there. You’re definitely interested in exploring more or keeping elements of this alive in your relationship(s)/play activities. It’s fun but not a requirement just yet.

6 =  Not ‘Nilla – You pause to try and recall the last time you had vanilla (non-kinky) sex and in the end you can’t remember. At this point, you’ve moved into the kingdom of kink; ‘normal sex’ involves kink or is kinky most of the time, if not all of the time.

7 = BDSpankMe The sensuous world of BDSM overcomes you and you bathe in the pain or pleasure of it. You’ve harnessed your kink, you are ready to play hard or go home. You are a regular BDSM participant. Kinky weekends, anyone?

8 = The Sky Is The Limit Whether you are a collared submissive or a Dominant of one/many, you could not imagine living any other way and you are happy to blaze kinky trails. You’re a lifestyler, baby!

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