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Ask An Educator – Premature Ejaculation

9 Jan

 “Hello educator. Less than 3 mins after I start making love, I ejaculate. Is there any spray or cream that I can use that will make me stay longer? My wife is angry…
I am waiting for your answer.”

screaming o prim o ringEarly ejaculation is a concern for a lot of men and this is a question we get frequently. While there are delay creams and sprays on the market, we don’t recommend them. Why? Well, they numb you and while they may make you last longer, you won’t feel any pleasure and where is the fun in that!? Instead, we recommend the use of a cock ring. A c-ring fits snugly at the base of the penis. The ring constricts blood flow out of an erection but allows blood flow to continue in. It also presses on the underside of the penis, constricting the urethral tube which is the tube that carries ejaculate out of the body. For many men, this helps them maintain a firmer and longer lasting erection and also keeps them from ejaculating. Want to add in more stimulation for you and your partner? Try a vibrating c-ring! 

Also, it’s important to remember ejaculation doesn’t have to be the end of sex! There are plenty of things that you can still do with your partner after ejaculation – get them off with your mouth or hands, give and receive sensual massage, spend time exploring each other’s bodies. Remember, sex doesn’t have to just mean penetration!

Ask An Educator: Increasing Penis Size

29 Jul

“I have a small penis. Is there any way to grow or expand it?”

ringoWe get this question quite frequently and the short answer to it is, no. Without surgery (which we absolutely do not recommend) there is no way to lengthen the penis. There are a lot, and we do mean A LOT of devices and medications on the market that say they will give you a bigger, better, longer penis and, quite frankly, none of them work.*The reason? Your penis is made of erectile tissue, not muscle. The body can’t bulk up or increase tissue like it can with muscle. So, while a penis pump make  your penis appear longer or fuller, the effect will wear off quickly (within 30 seconds to a minute) because the stretching and swelling dissipates.

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