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More Pleasure, More Power: New Year, New Erotic Possibilities!

28 Jan

More Pleasure, more power

More Pleasure, More Power

New year, new erotic possibilities! Pursuing more pleasure in your sex life can help you expand your confidence, your creativity and your communication both in and out of the bedroom. When you start to explore what feels good, what feels not so good and what feels even better – you can often discover a new way to get turned on! Exploring new erotic possibilities gives you the chance to play, to be curious and to expand sex beyond the pursuit of orgasms. Whether you want to get kinky, or you want to build more confidence in the bedroom, or you simply want to be more present in your body during sex – here are some ways to empower your sex life and have more pleasure:

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May is Masturbation Month!

1 May


In 1995, Good Vibrations started celebrating National Masturbation Month as a reaction to then-Surgeon General Dr. Jocelyn Elders losing her job after stating that masturbation should be included in sexual education for youth. It was astonishing to see such harsh repercussions for such a casual and obvious statement. National Masturbation Month was founded to create a positive discussion around a universal and natural self-love phenomenon, and also attempted to reduce stigma around not just the action itself, but the entire conversation around the action! Continue reading

It’s National Masturbation Month, Take Our Poll

13 May

Overall, we hope to celebrate the freedom to masturbate and the joy that it brings. We would like to celebrate options, places, and opportunities as well. Please, readers, tell us [anonymously] what you like to use to masturbate with, if anything, and where. Don’t worry, we can keep a secret after all we are Secret Pleasures.

Masturbation Month Poll!

19 May

Masturbation is a topic that is grossly under-addressed. Many people have grown up getting a lot of direct and indirect messages that their own sexuality is the one thing everyone is simply supposed to know how to maneuver. There is no one way to play nor is there one place to play. Part of the fun, yes fun, regarding sexuality is having the option to be creative in your exploration. In honor of this, we have created a poll to test some of the top favorite places that people enjoy, well, themselves!

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