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Flurry O2

30 Oct


I have been a patient person and waited over a year and a half to take the Flurry O2 on a test journey. Finally, the day came that I could get my grubby little hands on it. (Imagine Gollum from Lord of the Rings – my precioussssss) Was it worth a trip to Mordor? Let’s find out! Continue reading

Toy Review Remix – We-Vibe Tango

9 Oct

claritystamp It’s delightful when people enter the shop and ask for a “strong bullet” or “something strong”. If it is external pleasure they desire, two things usually happen: either they do not know that the Tango by We~Vibe exists, or they have not yet had a chance to interact with it. The overall reaction from people when it is turned on and placed in their eager hands is usually “wow” or “oh, that’s the speed!” when they find the vibration option that speaks directly to their sexual soul.

Continue reading

We-Vibe Touch

8 Apr

we vibe touchThis March I had the pleasure of attending Catalyst Con and while I was there, I got to chat with the folks at We-Vibe. I was waxing poetic about the new We-Vibe 4 and, to my delight, they gave me the new Tango and Touch to review* (yeah, I love my job).

Now, I’ve had a Tango before and it is one of those toys that I would probably run in & save if my house was on fire. I absolutely love it (review for the new one coming soon). The Touch, however, was always another matter. I loved the scoop shape but it was made with the dreaded (for me, at least) shiny silicone and the tester always felt like it dragged across my skin so I never bothered to buy one. But, when We-Vibe came out with the We-Vibe 4, they also revamped the Touch and coated it in their new velvety silicone. Joy! I can neither confirm nor deny that I  sat and lovingly stroked the display they had at their table at Catalyst … because that’s not creepy or anything. Continue reading

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