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What The Kink?! – Cuffs/Handcuffs

22 Jan

hand cuffs Art Greetings and salutations lovely internet people, and faithful followers of our blog. My name is Bettie and I will be the Captain of this ship. This is not your Disney Cruise lines typical family vacation – we kicked Mickey off 1000 miles ago! Steady on course toward exotic, erotic destinations. If you are brand spanking (no pun intended) new to bondage and want to know more, grab a lifejacket and read on. Other passengers that have a partner that is a police officer (or plays one on tv), read on. If you like frisky, resistance play… you guessed it – read on!

Cuffs/Handcuffs are:

  • quick (time saver)
  • easy to apply

  • minimal storage space needed

  • comfortable (cuffs, dependent upon the material and type)

  • durable

  • available in varying colors/styles/materials

With the same purpose in mind, wrist or ankle cuffs surround the appendage to hold a person [securely] in place. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Continue reading

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