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We-Vibe 4

10 Jan

we vibe 4 with remoteThe We-Vibe is a toy that I have always the loved the concept of but have never really enjoyed the actual usage of.  On paper it’s such a clever concept – a slim vibe that you can insert in order to gain hands free clitoral stimulation during penetration (or any other type of sexual activity). When the We-Vibe 2 came out, I rushed out and bought one and ran home with visions of joyful romps with my partner that didn’t require me awkwardly holding onto a clitoral vibe only to have it shoot out of my fingers and across the room because it had lube on it … er, or am I the only one that happens to? <_<  Anywho … we gave it a try and, well, it was just underwhelming. The vibration wasn’t very strong, the shape was awkward, it kept slipping and the insertable part was just plain painful for my partner during penetration. In short – it was a disaster. We shoved it in a drawer and I never gave the We-Vibe another thought … until now.  Continue reading

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