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Spring Showcase

8 Mar


We are nearly a quarter into 2016! Can you believe it?! It seems like 2015 was just yesterday. With the holiday season is long gone, it is likely (birthday or anniversary aside) that you have not received many nice gifts in a while (I know I haven’t!) Why not treat yourself to one of the newer products we are thrilled to showcase this spring?

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Achievement Unlocked: We-Vibe Touch

16 Mar

wevibetouch1111In case you missed some of the noteworthy products that We-Vibe has released, they are responsible for the We-Vibe 4 and 4 Plus couples toy, as well as the Tango. Things were fine and could not get better after the We-Vibe 4 was released. In my mind, all was right with the world.  However, after using the We-Vibe Touch, the experience is comparable to an upgrade from Economy to First Class – champagne dreams and caviar wishes. As far as external vibrators are concerned, this toy has ruined me. Continue reading

Ask An Educator: Discreet Public Play

22 Jan

What are some ways that couples can discreetly be playful in public? For example, are there blacked out sunglasses available so someone could be kept “blindfolded”? Are there ways to tie a partner’s hands discreetly?

secret discreet public playThe lure of playing with your partner in public is incredibly erotic to many folks. What is less erotic is the idea of being hauled off to jail for public indecency … or kidnapping depending on what kind of play you are engaging in! So the question is how do you maintain the thrill of being frisky in public without alerting the masses to your sexy machinations? Continue reading

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

30 Apr

happy mothers day


Moms can be erotic creatures, as well as boo-boo kissers, sports coaches, brownie makers, and stars. Thanks to the mainstream, the way that we see mothers has evolved; It is possible to see our mother’s as complete women. Don’t get me wrong, not everyone will be open to giving Mom a sex toy for Mother’s Day. But you can help your Mom feel sexier/cared for in smaller ways with flowers, bath & body gifts, as well as general health & wellness gifts. Don’t forget those other special Mothers in your life, too – girlfriend, best friend, wife, grandmother.

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We-Vibe Tango

10 Apr

we vibe tangoAs I mentioned in my recent review of the We-Vibe Touch, I had the chance to attend Catalyst Con this past March. While I was there, I chatted with folks at We-Vibe about how great the new We-Vibe 4 is and told them of my unending love for the Tango. Sadly, I lamented,  my Tango was on it’s last legs after 4 years of solid use. They must have taken pity on me (or were scared by the look of desperation in my eyes) because they gave me the new and improved Tango to replace my old one. And I’m happy to report that it’s just as good – if not better than the old one. Continue reading

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