Ask An Educator – Sex Makes Me Feel Like I Need to Urinate

21 Jan

*We’ve received several questions pertaining to the same topic so we are going to address them all in this post*

“What does it mean when you are having good sex and it feels like you have to urinate?”

“Every time I think I’m having an orgasm I urinate. Why is that?”

g spotMany female bodied folks encounter this at one time or another – you are having incredible sex (with yourself or a partner) and all of a sudden you feel the overwhelming urge to pee. So whats the deal? Well the good news is that you more than likely don’t actually have to pee (especially true if you went right before getting down to business). The better news? Congrats, you found your G-Spot!

Yup, the G-spot isn’t a myth though some folks find they don’t like G-Spot stimulation – and a good part of the reason for that is because feeling like you have to pee while having sex can send some really confusing signals that can derail sexy time. So why exactly do you feel like you have to go to the bathroom when receiving G-Spot stimulation? Well, check out this anatomy chart:

female internal anatomy g spot

The G-Spot is an area of spongy, erectile tissue on the anterior wall of the vagina. When pressure is applied to it, it presses up into the urethral tube and, to an extent, the bladder itself. Normally, pressure on your bladder and urethral tube is your body’s signal that you need to urinate. With that in mind, it’s no wonder many people just think they have to pee – they don’t have any other context for the sensation. Try to ride the sensation out and you just might find that it becomes incredibly pleasurable. And if you just don’t like the feeling at all, that’s ok too. Try to adjust positions so that you don’t press down on the G-Spot and that feeling should go away.

Now, the second part of this question mentioned urinating during orgasm. G-Spot stimulation can cause a feeling similar to having to urinate & it can also cause … ejaculation. That’s right – female bodied folks have the ability to ejaculate too! If you don’t have any incontinence issues and have urinated before sex, it’s more than likely that what you think is urine is actually female ejaculation brought on by intense G-Spot stimulation. This liquid, which is very similar to male prostatic fluid, can dribble or shoot out of the urethral opening during orgasm and, by some reports, can measure anywhere from a teaspoon to half a cup! So, as long as you are comfortable and feel good, throw down some towels and have fun exploring your G-Spot!


Want to learn more? Check out these fantastic books and DVDs that are all about the G-Spot!

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