“Hilariously Clumsy Sex:” Fun Factory’s Sharevibe Review

23 Apr

Fun Factory makes toys that staff members and customers alike fall in love with. From the Stronic Eins to the Amorino, people sing nothing but praise about the German manufacturer’s creations. So when I was given the opportunity to test out and review the Sharevibe, I was understandably very eager.

By looks and hand feel alone this double ended, “harness-free” dildo met all my expectations. Fun vibrant color? Check! Soft, velvety, medical grade silicone? Yes! A new and exciting design? Indeed! Sadly when it came time to actually use the Sharevibe, the toy did not work well with me.

Sharevibe Features

The toy is curved on both ends and loosely resembles a capital G. The short end, which Fun Factory refers to as the bulb is inserted vaginally and held in place by the pelvic floor muscles. (The bulb could potentially be worn anally but I haven’t tried it. So I am not sure how that would play out.) The longer, slender end (the shaft) is used to penetrate a partner. The base of the dildo houses a five speed, rechargeable bullet that can be removed. Outside of the raised mound of ridges that help secure the toy in place and stimulate the wearer’s clitoris, the toy is completely smooth and textureless. Ideally the Sharevibe would be a strapless strap-on that’d act as an extension of wearer’s body and enhance intimacy between partners by allowing more skin to skin contact. The toy did enhance intimacy between me and my partner but not in the way its manufacturers intended.

The Good

So one of my favorite things about Fun Factory toys are the vibrant matte colors. Sharevibe comes in a basic cream, a deep delicious purple, and a bold hot pink. Mine is the hot pink, which makes me feel stylish, whimsical, and confident.

The fact that the toy is made of a medical grade silicone helps it heat up to body temperature pretty quickly. This helps give the a toy a flesh-like feel. It is also incredibly easy to clean. You can use a mild soap with warm water or remove the bullet and throw it into a pot of boiling water or even the dishwasher (sans soap of course). The toy also air dries pretty quickly, which I prefer to towel drying since the silicone does attract a lot of dust.

The bullet is USB rechargeable, completely submersible and fits snugly into a hole at the base of the toy. Don’t want vibration? Simply remove it. On its own, it is a small, powerhouse of thrills that would work really great for those who like strong, focused vibration. While vibration on or near my genitals is not my favorite thing, the bullet’s strong, high-pitched buzz was great for nipple play.

Though the toy is marketed as a couples toy, I have had best results when using it solo to jerk off. That’s when the toy most feels like an extension of myself. Overall the Sharevibe is very  versatile. It can be used for simulated oral or as a advanced pelvic floor exerciser. You can of course penetrate a partner vaginally or anally and maybe even try some solo double penetration if you have a vagina.

The Not So Good

As a strapless strap-on, the Sharevibe did not work for me. The bulb was a bit too heavy, girthy and curved for my bits and body type. I had to be extremely aroused and lubed up to insert the toy successfully. Once inside, it did not fit comfortably and most certainly did not want to stay in. The first time I put it in it plopped right on out and hit floor with a heavy thud. All that hot pink confidence, killed with a thud. Cue the questions: Is my vagina too short and narrow? Where is my cervix?! Is it too low? Where are my pelvic floor muscles? Why can’t I activate their strength? Have I been doing my pelvic floor exercises correctly? Should we abandon ship? Nah. I sucked it up, washed the toy and replaced it and kept my legs closed. I spent a lot of time with crossed legs and worming my way into position. I would actually need the support of a strap-on like the Joque Harness by Spareparts to secure the toy.


Once I secured the Sharevibe, the curve of the shaft made penetrating my partner and thrusting difficult. We tried multiple positions—doggy, missionary, seated, spoons, receiver on top—but the angle of the curve made penetration awkward and a hit and miss. When I would thrust the Sharevibe would slip out of both me and my partner. When my partner would rock back on to the toy, it would slip out of us. There were a lot of starts and stops, plenty of lube and laughter.

Another thing that didn’t particularly work for us was the bullet vibe and how easy to accidentally turn on and change the modes. We also found that it wasn’t strong enough to actually transmit vibration from the base of the toy to the shaft and bulb.

In short, the Sharevibe resulted in hilariously clumsy sex. We shared laughter.

The Verdict + Helpful Tips

The Sharevibe is not the couple’s toy for me but has been fun to use solo and may work well for someone who has stronger pelvic floor muscles and a different vaginal configuration than me.

For those of us still struggling to use this toy with a partner, here are a few things I found helpful:

  • Lube up and warm up. You wanna make sure there is a lot of wetness and that everyone is aroused.
  • Use with harness.
  • Try positions where you are not working against gravity like spoons or receiver on top.
  • Keep a sense of humor.
  • Try it only with a patient understanding partner who is game for a fun and possibly clumsy experiment in the bedroom.
  • Use it solo.



Toy: ShareVibe

Manufacturer: Fun Factory

Material: Silicone

Warranty: 2 Years

Battery or Rechargeable: Rechargeable

Waterproof?: Yes

Size: Bulb 3.54” x 1.54”; Shaft 4.8” x 0.83”; Total: 8.62” long

Strength: 3 out of 5

Noise: 3 out 5

Lube Compatibility: Water-based Lube only.

Cleaning: Mild soap and warm water. Boil without bullet vibe.


One Response to ““Hilariously Clumsy Sex:” Fun Factory’s Sharevibe Review”

  1. Gina January 7, 2019 at 9:55 pm #

    I agree, the bullet in ours has already stopped working and has only been used once. Well, tried to use once lol


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