Ask A Sex Educator: Choosing A Cockring

30 May

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I want to try a penis ring while my boyfriend is open to it, he does not get why anyone would want to use one. How do we go about choosing one that is not intimidating but fun?

Great question! Cock rings can be used by anyone with a penis. Some penis rings are made of materials that create a fixed size, like stainless steel or wood, and many cock rings are made with materials that allow for adjusting size, like leather, rubber and silicone.



How to Use a Cock Ring:

Cock rings serve both a decorative purpose and also help restrict blood flow at the base of the penis, with the intention of supporting harder and longer erections. For some people, this means more pleasure during penetrative sex (for both the wearer and the receiver).


Decide whether you want to put it on behind the balls or in front of the balls. Putting it behind the shaft (including the balls) can have a stronger influence on keeping a harder or longer erection and can sometimes also provide gentle pressure to the prostate. Some people also like cock rings on the middle of the penis or just under the head of the penis. Put the penis ring on a non-erect or erect penis (if it’s a stretchy ring), and be careful not to snag any pubes in the process!


Cock rings aren’t recommended for people with vascular issue and it’s recommended that you wear one on an erect penis for about a max of 20 mins to avoid any potential damage to capillaries.


Using it for a sexy visual aesthetic? You can use cock rings for symbolism or penis decoration. Think about what colours, materials and what decorations or designs might be a visual treat.


How to Buy a Cock Ring:

For beginners, go with a stretchy material like latex, rubber or silicone. Especially if you’re not sure what the diameter of the penis is.

Here are some questions to think about when deciding on your cock ring purchase:


Do you want your penis ring to be adjustable or not?

Adjustable and stretchy penis rings are great for beginners. If you can, measure ahead of time (either around the balls and shaft, or just the shaft – depending on how you plan to use it) and get the diameter in cm and mm just in case! Then subtract about 5 mm – you want the cock ring to fit snugly around the base if you are using it to maintain longer erections.


Here are a few to consider:

3 Ring Kit


Supersoft C-ring


Do you want a smooth or a textured cock ring?

Some cock ring wearers will tell you they are super stimulated by ridges, nubs and other textured styles of cock rings. For other penises, these textures don’t add much. Texture is also sometimes used during sadomasochism play (pain and pleasure) to add a harsh contrast to a growing erection.


Do you want a vibrating or non-vibrating cock ring?

You can find cock rings with vibrators built-in or with removable bullet vibes. Some cock rings have a built in battery that is disposable, these cock rings are often made of material that is difficult to sanitize, so one-time use only is a good thing. Their batteries often live for 30 mins to an hour. Other cock rings operate with watch batteries that can be replaced, and more rarely, you can find cock rings with rechargeable built-in vibes like the Je Joue Mio or the We-Vibe Pivot.  There are cock rings with multiple types of vibration and some with a single and consistent speed and intensity.


Does the look of the cock ring matter?

You may want a visual treat of your favourite colour or the feel of your favourite material or a more decorative cock ring that has playful designs. Have fun, make the aesthetic part of the choice, it’s a toy – it’s supposed to be fun!


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