Your 2015 Guide To An Erotic Valentine’s Day

26 Jan

valentines-day-penguinHow many times have you found yourself at the giving end of a default flower bouquet or bromidic chocolate? How many times have you received a gift that could have used more thought? For many, Valentine’s Day can be an overwhelming or annoying conflict of expectations vs. reality. It can also be a good excuse (as if you needed one) to give/receive something awesome from someone that you adore/fancy/want in your bed. 

To save you the uphill battle, we have compiled naughty, erotic, and beautiful things that you will crave no matter what your romantic status (or lack thereof) happens to be. These are perfect for the couple, the kinkster, the soloist, and those that are separated-by-the-miles. Avoid the last-minute decisions, enjoy the erotica that has been provided for inspiration, and indulge yourself a little bit too!

LDR (Long-Distance Relationship)

best womens eroticatenga egg wavytenga flip silverblueMotionwe-vibe touch

She is hot and ready, after reading fiercely sexy erotica in your absence. You have been sending naughty texts  and racy photos back and forth all day expressing a deep want for one another. In her absence, you too have been edging yourself close to orgasm. Seeing her nude over Skype, you grow even more excited to play and use the toy that she knew would feel amazing around your shaft. With each stroke, the moans you make send a vibration straight to her clitoris causing her to beg for more. You climax together and sink happily into your chairs. You remind her of the toy that you sent as a surprise to please her aching clitoris until you return.

Featured Products (in order): Best Women’s Erotica book by Violet Blue, Tenga Egg – Wavy [male manual stimulator], Tenga Flip Hole in Silver [male manual stimulator with adjustable pressure points], BlueMotion Nex 1 by OhMiBod [wireless app/voice driven massager], Touch by We~Vibe 


booty parlor naughty bubblesrene rolfintercourses cookbooksliquidmassage-oilsmileee

You slip from your warm bubble bath feeling relaxed. You open the door – in lingerie that shows off your alluring shape and perky nipples – holding a tray of chocolate covered strawberries. Your captivating eyes greet your date and you lead them into the bedroom where they massage and caress every inch of your irresistible body. You close your eyes as long, slow tongue caresses and vibrations dance across your clitoris. This is the beginning of many orgasms to come…

Featured Products (in order): Naughty Bubbles, Rene Rofe lingerie [boxed], The New InterCourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook by Martha Hopkins, Sliquid Organics Massage Oil, LoveLife Smile Vibe by OhMiBod 

Anal/Gender Play/Curious 

Pure Wand  tristan taormino expert guide to anal sexsliquid sassyspareparts joque harnesswe vibe tangofuze whirl dildobandit

She has come to love the G-spot orgasms that you both share  and wants to take things to the next level. You are delighted and curious to try more. As an offering to take you, you have laid out toys for her excitement and approval. This sends a warm rush through your body and you can feel your pulse begin to race. She teases you with a small vibe around your anus before inserting a plug into you, mapping the way for further pleasures to come. After you are weak in the knees and begging for more, she bends you over and claims you, delving deeply into uncharted territory.

Featured Products (in order): Pure Wand by Njoy, Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Anal Sex DVD, Water-Based Lubricant by Sliquid [Sassy Gel], Joque Harness by SpareParts, Tenga Vibe by WeVibe, Whirl by Fuze [Silicone Plug], Johnny Dildo by VixSkin [Vanilla color]


   blindfold41vICUFKczL._SY355_PFBE_belting_otantus beginner ball gagnipple clamps

“I want you naked and on the bed waiting for me”. It is a bonus that your partner is only wearing a shirt and undergarments. They are nude by the time you turn around from picking up the blindfold that you gingerly place over their eyes, shrouding them from the fantasies that are about to become reality. You lock the restraints into place and secure them to the bed. A soft smack with a flogger greets their skin that reddens and warms slightly as a moan escapes their lips. Stroking their bottom lip with your finger, you warn that a gag will be needed if the volume of moans increase. They take a quick breath as you place a clamp on each nipple.

Featured Products (in order): Satin Blindfold by Sex&Mischief, Under The Bed Restraint System by SportSheets, Handmade Belting Flogger by Leatherbeaten, Beginner Ball Gag by Tantus, Adjustable Nipple Clamps [assorted]

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